I have turned to the dark side

Walking back through town on Saturday in a lousy mood after the rugby team I support took a hammering at home, I popped into Game to browse the PC games selection and walked out with an XBOX360 premium pack and a bunch of games, and a 3 month Live Gold sub.

I picked up: Dead Rising, Chromehounds, GRAW, and Saints Row. Only tried DR and GRAW so far, but enjoyed Dead Rising and GRAW is ok.

Live seems to be fantastic - I love the demos and vids you can get, and how smart the system is when you’re trying to play online. How does the profile system work? Do different profiles mean different gamertags? Do we have a list of QT3 nutj^H^H^H^Hgamers and their tags? As a UKist, am I restricted to playing with Europeans or does it not matter?

I have to admit that first impressions have been really positive - it helps that I’ve got a nice 32" widescreen LCD HDTV to play it on. Plus the wireless controller is great (always hated wired controllers for the PS2/Xbox). Hmm. I could get used to this.

Aside from Test Drive Unlimited, what other games should I take a look at? What’s everyone waiting for?

Looking forward to Lost Planet.


Oh, and Symphony of the Night.

Looking forward to Crackdown, Rainbow Six: Las Vegas and Metal Gears.

And great game picks.

You mean when you sign in? That is your gamertag and there is a list of Qt3 LIVE gamertags. I’m not sure if you’re restricted to play with Europeans… but I think that if you register as a yank that would address that.

You can play with people from all over on XBL, it doesn’t work so well when you are playing Saints Row against people from freaking Taiwan though. ;)

I am looking forward to Gears of War, Rainbow 6 Vegas, NHL2k7, NHL 07, Crackdown, and Splinter Cell Double Agent this year. There are other games like Viva Pinata that look pretty cool but not sure about the timing since 3 or 4 of those games above ship in the same week.

Welcome to the 360 club. I’m a new member myself. I’m waiting on Lost Planet, Huxley (though I’ll probably get it for the PC instead), Gears of War (more or less), Blue Dragon, Mass Effect, and Lost Odyssey. It’s a shame those last three games are all RPG’s that seem really far away.

Ah, thanks for the list. I guess my question was: Can you have multiple gamertags (eg one per profile) or is each one tied to one Live subscription?

Plenty of games being recommended that I hadn’t heard of - only really had Pro Evo 6 on my radar. Good stuff!

You can have an Xbox Live account tied to each profile I think. They can be either Gold (with multiplayer) or Silver (without multiplayer). Hopefully that answered your question.

Spend the $50 on the extended warranty.

I thought Condemned was pretty damn good for $30. And Oblivion is a must have if you don’t own it on pc.

Looking forward to Gears of War, Crackdown, Splinter Cell: Double Agent and maybe Viva Pinata for the rest of the year.

But mostly I’m still obsessed with Dead Rising. I can’t get enough of that game. Can’t wait for a sequel.

Yeah, Saint’s Row match making is fucking retarded.

Got Oblivion on the PC.

What good 2-player games (over Live) are there apart from sports?

Well, you already have GRAW, but that’s what I would recommend. Specifically, playing the GRAW multiplayer missions with a buddy.

I am always up for GRAW. I’ve actually been playing it some recently.

Me too. Let’s set a time sometime this week.

I think he gets a 1 year warranty standard with his, because he’s in a country with real consumer protection.

Oh yeah, I forgot about that. Good deal.

I’d be down for a Qt3 GRAW session. Purchased it, played it for a bit, decided it was too hard for my tastes and put it down in favor of Oblivion.

Overtime, I played a little GRAW with some friends and it was actually on-line that I learned that the game isn’t hard as much as I was simply uninformed. Let’s put it this way: In addition to not understanding how useful smoke grenades are, I also had no concept of firing from behind fire.

Yeah, I’d be up for some multi or coop GRAW action. I’m in the mood to shoot shit in the face.

Welcome! Look out for Samurai Warriors 2 hitting supposedly later this month, that is if you want a kick-ass slice-em-up with upgradeable character enhancements!

You know, another fun thing about the 360 is acheivements. I’m going back and playing games I haven’t played in a while in order to get achievements. They kind of direct your play and give you goals more than anything else in the games. I’m certain they will change sandbox style games forever.

I’m trying for the “collect all weapons” one in Hitman: BM right now.

Achievements are way too addictive. I’m tempted to rent games I already have on the PC just to rack up some points and achievements in them on the 360 version. :(