I just bought parts for my new PC.. Did I do well?

We’ll I finally broke down and instead of upgrading my 2.5 year old P3 system, I bought these components…

Main Components:

  1. Kingwin KT-436B-WM Aluminum Mid-Tower
    -All Aluminum. Windows on both sides and a top window!
    -4x usb ports and 1x fire wire… Also has slide out motherboard trey.

  2. Gigabyte (motherboard combo) kt400 7vax w/ 8X agp
    a) Corsair 512mb 3200 ddr
    b) AMD 2000 XP
    -the motherboard supports 2100-3200 ddr and 4x, 8x agp video cards

  3. Western digital 100 gig hd w/ 8mb cache
    -hopefully the 8mb cache will speed up some apps.

  4. Western Digial 30 gig hd
    -the 100 gig is used for entertainment, while the 30 gig will be used for school work and work in general.

  5. Gainward Geforce 4 TI 4200 (128 mb.)
    -This card has overclocking features that will let me get to 4600 level.

  6. Windows XP and Norton 2002 virus protection
    -bought Windows XP for $85 and Norton (OEM) for $12. Not a bad deal.

    -This dvd player has gotten some great reviews and it’s cdrom is at 48X.

-This cdrw has gotten some great reviews and will look pretty good in my new case.

    -Wasn’t going to go with a floppy but you never know when I might need one.

Sub Components:

  1. 12" Cold Cathode Kit - White
    10" Silver Rounded Single Device Floppy Cable
    2X 18" Silver Rounded Dual Device ATA-133 Cable
    16 Blue 1/2" Nylon Cable Sleeve
    3.5" Blue Tie Wraps
  • I want to trick out my case.
  1. Cyborg Everglide mouse pad
    -it’s thin, blue and works good with optical mice

  2. Microsoft optical mouse and microsoft natural keyboard pro (OEM)
    -The keyboard and mouse only cost $15.00 each, but they are OEM products. Still the items are new.

  3. Plantronics DSP-500 digitally-enhanced gaming/multimedia headset
    -I will not have speakers for a month or two so i got this. It’s gotten so-so reviews but has the microphone. And it’s usb and I found it for only $60.00!

  4. Belkin Nostromo SpeedPad N50/ Belkin Nostromo Dual Analog US
    -Got the speed pad because I’ve heard great things about this item and the game pad because I’ll need one.

Total = $1450.00 (rounded)

I allready have:

  1. Sony G420S 19" Trintron Monitor
  2. Epson C60 printer

I figure I did pretty good. I should have a kick ass system that will play all the new and future titles as we’ll.

Also… Since I will sell my current system for $300-400 then I should recoup back some of my expenses.

Did I make the right choices? Would you have done things differently?


Now all i gotta do is put this thing together… Oh who’s build a PC’s guide should I use?..

PC gamer’s
Maximum PC’s
Conmputer Games


Very nice. I have that case :) love it.

I also have silver braided cables, the same gamepad, Corsair XMS RAM, and the keyboard. Jeez :p

Very nice. Though I question you decision to get the 2000XP CPU instead of spending about $75 more on the 2200XP

Thanks ciparis…

How are the windows? Are they alittle bit to much? Do they scratch easily? And how is that gamepad? It looked a little weird, but it got great reviews.


Also… I agreed with Jason Cross and his recent article… He stated that the asthetics (look) of a case should be just as important as whats in a case. Looks matter just as much as horsepower. That’s why I went with the Kingwin case.



We’ll I figuered the performance wouldn’t have made that much of a difference and I was trying to save a bit of money. I figure I’ll upgrade to a faster processor in 6 months. I’ll probably get the AMD processors (2700 or 2800) that will have the increased fsb next time I upgrade.

thanks for your input…

uhm, hmm. If you too 2.5 years to upgrade from your PIII, how come you’re planning on upgrading the CPU in six months? :D :D :D

And since you probably only have one system, what are you planning on doing with the 2000XP in six months - at which time you couldn’t get your best friend to take it from you for free. ;)

you’d be surprised what you can get on ebay for seemingly worthless computer parts.


It could be 6 months or it could be a year. It’s when I feel that my apps are running slow that’s when i’ll upgrade.


I don’t think the windows will be any problem. i ahave a lian li pc-65 with clear side and a blue cold cathode and i didn’t have any problems with scratching.just be careful where you lay the side and you shoudl be fine. My only problem was finding a good place to mount my cathode. i ended up with it upright along the back of the computer, but i wanted to have it horizontal across the top or bottom, but the components block too much of the light.

That is why I went with two of these (the blue ones):


They are a nice alternatives to cathodes.

BTW, nice setup AIM, I am sure you are going to love it.

– Xaroc

ah, ok. Well then, I look forward to your next upgrade post around April 2005 :D :D

I’d get a different motherboard. I’m working on a roundup of seven KT400 boards now, and the Gigabyte was the only one that was relatively unstable. It even rebooted during game tests a couple of times. NeverWinter Nights refused to run. Note that this was all on clean Windows installations with fresh drivers and pretty stock components.

So far, I like the Shuttle AK37GT, the MSI KT4 Ultra and ABIT AT7Max2. All were solid, and reasonably speedy.

As ever,

Loyd Case

The windows are cool, slightly tinted and durable (but I’m careful). I have a dual 12" blacklight CCD I picked up from Azzo along with the uv-sensitive silver braided cables (5 in all). It’s a very nice effect, and the tint combined with the subtlety of uv ccds makes for a tastefully understated look.

The gamepad is very good for complex tasks. I actually used it to entirely drive my second PC in daoc… everything my mana chanter (tagging along behing my pac healer) ever had to do was programmed in - it was seamless and removed the need for reaching for the other keyboard. Don’t bother installing the CD drivers, they’re buggy - get the ones online.



I know the problems that you have encountered… Toms hardware also encountered this problem and they said that it is now fixed.

Here is part of the paragraph:

“First, the bad news: unfortunately, the Gigabyte board almost completely refused to work with the Athlon XP 2600+ after a few seconds, it would turn itself off again. Even upgrading the BIOS did not improve matters; only a test with the Athlon XP 2000+ showed that the board appeared to function. However, Gigabyte confirmed that this issue only happens with some pre-release samples (some bug within the thermal protection of the new Athlon XP) and already sent us the mass-production version of this board, which runs flawlessly and will take part in our huge KT400 roundup soon.”

Here is the link: http://www17.tomshardware.com/mainboard/02q3/020905/kt400-07.html

thanks for your input…

Uh, what’s the advantage of an aluminum case?

Weight it the biggest difference - it weighs a fraction of what steel does.

It’s easier to machine as well, which is taken advantage of… most aluminum cases have finer details than steel cases.

Some people cite improved heat disipation, but it’s not like a modern PC is going to rely on conduction through the case.

Hey good system ! Exactly what I would have purchased. Although I am biased towards ASUS motherboards so probably would have got an ASUS. But it doesn’t matter what it is as long as it is stable.

I don’t think I can ever go back after having to haul my new machine and my old machine up the stairs from where I built them. Even just moving the aluminum case to open it up and work on it is easier. It is almost effortless to move it in comparison.

– Xaroc

Well, my old non-watercooled case weighed like 3 pounds anyway. Compared to a circa-1994 case, sure, but…

Wait a second. You mean you’ve got a watercooled case?!? Sweet! When did you build that?