I just can't get excited

I think the reason I can’t get excited about games anymore is that there’s nothing new. When I first played Command & Conquer, I’d never played anything like it. Same for Civ 2 and Rollercoaster Tycoon. Those games kept me up late for months. Now a game comes out and it’s “yet another ____.” It may be the best of its type ever produced, but the fundamental gameplay is something I’ve already seen and gotten bored of.

I think the only cure is to find games that are different. Recently I’ve been spending a lot more time on my GBA than PC gaming. The only PC game that really captured my attention for a prolonged period was Stronghold, because it appealed to my desire to build impregnable defenses in RTS’s. But even that wore off before I’d finished the campaign. (Of course, the sudden spike in difficulty had something to do with it too.)

The darkside of this being that one can put a game away in a drawer and forget about it.

Thats not the case with the hotty, as sure as the sun rises you will run into her at the club in the weeks that follow.

Its best just to leave town, thats where OJ fucked up.


A lot of you seem to think I’m having some sort of burn out - well I don’t really play games that much nor look for a lot of info on the net about them. I’m far more interested in programming.

I used to buy gaming mags. I no longer bother.

The last game I was excited about was GTA - I got the whole school hooked on a demo CD of the game.

All I see is endless new games talking about new graphics, new physics, new etc… and it’s hard to get excited about the totaly predictable.

New and better graphics in new games? No shit. Tell me something I can care about.

I think it’s probably an age thing, when you’re young you think things are going to get better, as you get older experience teaches you that things getting not much worse is the best you can hope for.

I get excited by the games that aren’t in the spotlight. Evil Genius, Battlefield Command, Kings of War and Allies and Axis are games at the top of my list. So little information, so little hype, how can you not get a lil’ giddy?

… on the topic of games… uh… go take a cold shower… slap yourself in the head with a brick… now calm down… and repeat after me

“Games are Life”… say this over and over for a day… a whole day… do nothing else…

… on the topic of ‘hot chicks’ … next time you see a hot chick … remember this… no matter how cock hardening hot she is… some poor bastard has to put up with her shit.