I just don't get it: upcoming Warlock nerf (WoW)


Now, it is my understanding that resilience mitigates crits, and DoT’s don’t crit. So why bother with this???

Can someone explain? Thanks.

Eh, I am sure they’ll hand out some super uber ability to Warlocks to compensate, and then, as usual, Shadow Priests will be the ones who really suffer from this, as Shadow Priests are the ones who really have suffered from every supposed “Warlock nerf.”

Precisely because every other class is crit-dependent for pvp damage (Rogues, Paladins, Druids, Shamans, Mages, Hunters, Warriors) so they all get fucked by resilience (especially Rogues and Enh Shamans), but Warlocks are immune.

Plus, Locks are like the second-most OP class right now, after hunters.

Shadow Priest/Warlock arena teams melt faces.
Other teams QQ.
Shadow Priest/Warlock teams say l2 shadow resist gear.
Other teams start stacking 375 SR to swap in.
Shadow Priest/Warlock teams QQ that you shouldn’t be able to swap gear in an arena.

Blizzard nerfs dots and removes swapping in arena, everybody can QQ now!


Isn’t that exactly the whole point of the change? Currently resilience reduces damage from everything except DoTs (since they don’t crit), so they change resilience to have an same overall effect on DoTs by making it reduce their damage.

Ok thanks much, now I understand. I was mis-reading the post. OTOH, my mage has a resilience of zero, so (QQ upcoming) I suppose this nerf doesn’t apply to her :)

Crits are a significant part of the damage for DD attacks. DD spell crits (and therefore overall damage) are mitigated by resilience but DoTs can’t crit so there is no mitigation to their damage. Since both benefit from +spell damage the DoT is gaining more benefit, as it’s unmitigated damage, and will scale faster than DD spells.

I’m seriously considering the next MMO I play to have NO PVP. I’m really tired of the constant change and balance just to keep the crybabies happy.

It’s just as bad with no PVP. At that point people will cry all day about DPS and gear disparities. God forbid all classes don’t have identical dps in every situation.

Read the WoW raid threads sometime.

  1. Try LOTRO, its PvP is insubstantial and I can’t imagine it driving balance.

  2. When it takes 360+ hours to get a single character to the level cap to even start competing in PvP, you’d better believe people are going to complain if their gameplay investment isn’t able to compete on a level playing field.

At least this change is almost entirely PvP based, unless they give boss monsters resilience rates. It should make tanks a lot better at not getting the crap DoT’ed out of them.

Didn’t DoTs already only get a portion of +spell damage gear anyway?

I could be mistaken, though - I never bothered to get my head around the last 12 months of Warlock nerfs/buffs when I resubbed.

No, they got the full spell damage, it was just spread across the ticks of the spell.

DOTs used to get over 100% +dmg contribution until a recent nerf.


To recap:
Corruption’s coefficient went from 100% --> 120% --> 93%.
Curse of Agony’s coefficient went from 100% --> 160% --> 120%.

They’re also removing the option to switch gear once you’re inside the arena.

Also, uh, warlocks aren’t the only class that uses DoTs.

This is a pretty big buff for warlocks in the 2v2/3v3 brackets, if anything.

Actually I have. And to be honest I got caught up in it myself back when I raided pretty hardcore. I’m just crying about the change, no better than the PVP folks I guess. And having played a Necro from early EQ until after PoP you’d think I was used to nerfing. It’s just that you get this in so many games now. Patches have become less content, and more balance (usually in the form of nerfing.)

How can we ever expect a new class in WoW if all people do is cry and piss and moan that “we’re not as good as class X, therefore you need to nerf them!”

Also to Stroker, I actually did try LOTRO, I probably just didn’t give it enough of a chance. WoW still had it’s hooks pretty deep in me. I’m working through a backlog of 360 games now but perhaps I’ll pick up LOTRO next time I’m at Best Buy.

If you don’t PvP, this change has zero effect whatsoever on a warlock anyway. Not like mobs have resilience

More reasons WoW PvP sucks.

Eh wot?

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