I just finished the Age of Mythology campaign

Boy, it sure was fun. It took me about three days to beat on moderate difficulty. Any campaign that can hold my attention non-stop until the end is something special. I can’t remember any other strategy campaign I stuck through until the end like this. The game is so polished; I had no crashes or bugs except for some stuttering and weird fragmented speech at the end of most sentences in the dialogue. Anyone else get this? I did find the campaign rather easy. I would suggest anyone other than a complete beginner play on at least hard difficulty. I also played but haven’t beaten the Warcraft 3 campaign and found it not nearly as fun. Maybe because it was frustratingly difficult? Anyone that has played the AOM campaign care to share any thoughts?

You can’t be serious.

Yes I have played through the AOM campaign and absolutely loved it. I am replaying it now on the hardest difficulty level.

I also agree with you regarding WC3’s campaign. I like the campaign (which is the games only saving grace in my opinion) but haven’t completed it as I also find it frustratingly difficult.

I am almost at the point now where I am about to uninstall WC3 as it is simply wasting space on my harddrive.

Like Desslock said, you can’t be serious. I mean, there are people who generally find RTS games too hard. But being able to beat the AOM campaign, and then complaining that the WC3 campaign was difficult in comparison? The WC3 campaign was the easiest RTS campaign I’ve ever seen! Methinks you guys tripped over some of the “puzzle” missions where you tried taking over the whole map even though you’re not actually supposed to do this…

I agree the WC3 campaign starts off easy, but about midway through it just got too hard for me. Then again, I have never been and will never be a good RTS player. For example, after many games I still can’t beat the WC3 or AOM AI in skirmish on anything above easy difficulty. If I go online I get my head handed to me every time unless I happen to be on a team with a good player and get lucky.

You can’t be serious.

On default difficulty, both the WC3 and AOM campaigns are quite easy-- if you’re an experienced RTS gamer of any stripe.

I enjoyed both campaigns tremendously. This is the first “Age of…” game I’ve ever completed.

I gave WarCraft III another chance this weekend and managed to get past the missions I was hung up on. I am now a few missions in to the Orc campaign.

Now that I am more into the story I am finding WC3 to be fun. I still find the play mechanics strange and find that it is hard to maintain more than one battle group. I am also finding I am paying more attention to picking up the treasure chests which I sort of ignored before.

I think my main problem with WC3 is that I am trying to play it like a traditional RTS which it is most definitely not.

The Orc campaign seems to be very hard. They don’t seem to be as powerful as the humans and you really have to pick and choose your battles. One battle against human spellcasters totally wiped out my hero and his army. Time to try a different strategy.

I liked Aom’s campaign much better. Its because it was more foucsed on rts build and conquer missions than puzzle misisons. Though War3’s campaign was good too (the cinemtatics rocked btw!).


I hate, hate, HATE puzzle missions, and I can assure you there are none in the WC3 campaign. Or the AoM campaign for that matter. There are some rpg-ish missions where you deliver the foozle to whatsit, and so forth, but nothing I would consider a puzzle.

The downside to this approach is that you can usually brute force the missions by gathering a ton more resources than the computer AI. But at least you get to control what gets built.

One of the things I have historically disliked about westwood’s RTS games was their propensity for “guess which way is the one right way” puzzle missions. Myth had this problem, too. It drove me fucking nuts!

I hate puzzles in a game period. Unless its an adventure game. And I dont like those much these days. I’m all for openendedness!


Yeah, there were some bad examples of that in Myth. Myth 2’s campaign avoided them, however. There are no puzzle missions in WarCraft 3 though, as you indicated.

I guess that depends on your definition of “puzzle mission.” There are quite a few missions where you don’t win by building the biggest base but by achieving a special objective within a limited time and/or with limited resources. Puzzle mission may be a bad term but that’s what I was thinking about when I said that people who tried to build the biggest base would lose on those missions.

That’s kinda how “real war” works sometimes, so no objection there.

You want an example of puzzle missions? Boot up X-Wing.