I just need to say that

… whoever came up with the “15 minute melee” in Super Smash Bros AND made it a requirement for unlocking all levels needs to beating with a large stick.

Sorry about this mostly useless topic, but that thing is really pissing me off and it remains the last unlockable for me in SSBM. Any hints besides “down+B with Donkey Kong and hope for the best”? :| I’ve gotten to the 1-minute mark a few times, only to get blasted by a bo-omb that spawns right on top of me or a legendary pokemon. While beating all the 51 event matches was arguably more difficult, the mindlessness of the 15-minute clickfest is really getting to me.

WHY OH WHY did you make such a level HAL?

It’s supposed to be hard to beat the whole game. If it were easy, why do it in the first place?

Anyway, there’s an Ice Climbers glitch you can use to beat it.

I don’t know the specifics of that move and how it works, but if you’ve played the game as much as you say, you shouldn’t have trouble figuring it out.

Also, trying to beat it with a glitch or a single move over and over is probably not the best way to go. 15 Minute Melee is definitely a skill building exercise.

The difficulty isn’t an issue really. As I said, the event mode was much more difficult and took many hours to complete, but it was kept interesting because of the variety. 15 minutes is a huge amount of time in a fighter and even if you don’t spam one move or abuse a glitch, you are looking at bashing the same 1-hit wireframes in the same level. As the wireframes get more intelligent and aggressive during the 15-minute time, I think you might just as well have had the same end result by making the level shorter but having the enemies be more intelligent from the start.

That said, approaching the stage as an exercise was a good suggestion. At least that makes it a bit less tedious and I ended up completing it with Peach of all things. Now I finally have everything multiplayer-related available. \o/

I think I beat that with Fox’s reflectoshieldy thingy. Either that, or I had a friend do it.

Apparently I did it with Link, although I don’t remember how. Probably extensive abuse of his spin slash.