I just quicksaved with 10 health

In Sin Episodes: Emergence. Usually I’m pretty careful about when and how I quicksave but this particular time I happened to get through a difficult firefight and I had 10 health left. “Why not?” I thought. So I quicksaved.

And you know what? I kept playing. I was more careful. I took out a couple of baddies without getting hit and eventually I found some health packs. Suddenly 40 health seemed like an overflowing bounty.

I really should do this more often but usually I’m a quicksaving pansy.

I just had a sip of soda.

Indeed, this is known as “living on the edge”.

Is this one of those newfangled Xbox blogs?

I quicksaved with 5 health, and then cheated the rest of the way.

I was down to quicksaving with such low health too when I was up against the last boss. It wasn’t pretty.

I think I got myself stuck in Azure Sheep (Half Life mod) when I saved carelessly and wound up in a basically unwinnable situation. Well, unwinnable for someone with my extremely unleet and non-mad shooter skills.

In a post-Halo world, no FPS should ever again use health pickups.


Yeah, I had one bit of Emergence with one hit point, quicksaved by accident, and promptly turned the corner into three Chaingun Bastards.

Every time I heard Jessica’s voice, I was thinking ‘If you were still Cortana…’

Bad quicksaving decisions is the way to force yourself into learning how not to get hit at all…

I fackin HATE the quicksave/quickload dance. If I’m not careful, I abuse it so bad sometimes that I get this quickload twitch. If things go awry and I know my death is imminent, I’ll hit quickload before the death animation or cutscene or whatever even starts.

Then, just when I start thinking I’m the quickload belle of the ball, I’ll accidentally hit quicksave instead and then have my game saved at the split second right before I hit the ground after falling off the fucking ladder I was trying to get onto three stories up.

I’ve never quicksaved, which is probably why I’ve never finished a shooter since Doom II.

You have quicksave-screwed yourself until you’ve quicksaved mid-fall during a lethal plummet. Pansies, all of you.


I keep trying to quicksave while playing MMOs.

i quick saved in max payne with a grenade beside me that i didnt see. had to go back to an old save.

i normal saved in ninja gaiden at the alma fight with no elixers, 1 ninpo, and 1/2 health. i still beat her ass.

I quicksaved next to a pretty lake on horseback at sunset in Oblivion. When the tough gets going, I can just jump to my happy place.

two words: iron man

  • Alan

You can quicksave in Guitar Hero? o_o

Ahh, indeed, the calming effects of Oblivion’s world in first person sunset view have won over many a woman at my house…

Obviously, I’m talking out of my ass, but still!

I quicksaved on one game… can’t recall what, but the enemy fired a rocket… wait, it was Duke Nukem, I think.

Anyways, they had fired a rocket, and I had no health, and, I pulled the quickload/quicksave mix up. I was stuck in a never ending loop of death. Quite funny, actually.