I just set a new record for time-to-uninstall in Civilization VI

...a new zombie faction in Civilization VI!

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You installed Civ haha

The godawful one-unit-per-tile tactical combat

I can’t figure out why you bothered if this is where you land on the combat? Did you read that this was different for the new battle royale mode? (I don’t know anything about battle royale, except those two words together will turn me immediately off anything, but I dislike Civ VI for the terrible AI (both in and out of combat) so I haven’t been following this for some time). The combat mechanics themselves I don’t mind - it makes the game feel like a board game, which I tend to enjoy (if the AI is there).

Welp, back to learning and failing Shadow Empire for me!

Dude, zombies! :)


Ha, I guess I didn’t realize how deep your love of zombies ran! Myself, they wouldn’t get me to play something like Call of Duty, for example.

I do think it is important to stop blaming 1UPT on everything that is bad for Civ V and especially Civ VI.

Old World, using 1UPT and it is a fantastic 4x game and there are other examples.
It is the brain dead AI in the Firaxis games and the size of the maps that cause the problem

The godawful one-unit-per-tile tactical combat

Isn’t this the same mechanic that Gladius uses? And you loved Gladius. Just imagine that you are playing Gladius and maybe you will enjoy Civ6 more.

I got Civ VI for free. But I still can’t bring myself to install it.

I have no problem with one-unit-per-tile. My problem is when it’s done poorly, is a poor fit for a game, and undermines the entire design. But as a general concept, it’s perfectly cromulent!


This popped up in my son’s feed of suggested articles JUST as I was trying to talk him into giving the game mode a try. There goes Tom, undermining my parenting.

I will admit that both AOW3 and Fallen Enchantress are fantastic wargames which thankfully eschew 1UPT, but as mentioned above Civ is best played as a builder. Still, Red Death is kind of fun as a dabble into something different for the non-Civ 6 haters out there. We few, we happy few million, we band of casual strategy gamers.

Gladius from Xbox days? Oh wow. I love that game. Or has there been a newer version?

New, completely different game, but a very good one.

Good, we agree. I thought that maybe Gladius:Relics of War was just a fluke. But after playing Old World, it is clear that Civ V/VI are the fluke, a AAA game budget, with a summer intern doing the AI.

You are just mad , the reason probably being you are bad at it . Civ has problems, but 1unit per tile is not it.

Haha Civ 6 bad, Civ 5 best. Y’all are the same as boomers lmfao

Truly some cogent arguments this thread is producing today.

I wouldn’t be so quick to blame the AI coders entirely for the quality of the AI. While those games mentioned demonstrate that 1UPT doesn’t preclude a good AI (see also chess), there are many factors that make an AI harder to code for Civ VI. Things like the number of units owned by each side, the movement rules, the free space between cities, the number of choke points due to map topography.

In short, I would put the blame firmly on project management. It’s clear that having a good AI was never high on the list of priorities, certainly not high enough to influence the game design enough to make it easy to write an AI. I don’t have any problem with Firaxis making this decision, but I’m certainly disappointed with it and very glad that games that place a higher priority on strong AI are showing up now.

I admit that I’ve liked Civ VI since it came out and, during the COVID-19 lock-in, went all-in to get some achievements. When it was posted for free on Epic a few weeks ago, some of my friends and family got it and since then I’ve been playing multiplayer. Playing with humans makes a BIG difference as even newish players were able to give me a run for my money since they make a beeline straight for a win condition. It seems to me that the AI never really goes for a win condition, but it could be because I play at Prince level most of the time. Yesterday I played a full-on epic six-player game with my wife and a bunch of gaming pals. We were scheduled to play until 4:00 and when I told someone it was 3:30 no one could believe how much time had just flown by. Oh, those sweet summer children. Anyway, I’m finding that multiplayer Civ VI is where it’s at… for me, anyway.