I just set a new record for time-to-uninstall in Civilization VI

Don’t blame you. The game is a let down in most regards. Civ 4 with beyond the sword is easily the golden standard of the series. I don’t even take much umbrage with the one unit per tile shit. For me the biggest issues are the retarded leader choices, shitty mobile game graphics, and the brain dead ai.

Did this post get picked up on some kind of Civ 6 news aggregator?

Welcome to the community, angry new people!

At least our newfound friends like Civ V, my personal favorite of the modern entries, but still behind Alpha Centauri in nostalgia.

Nobody tell them about Tom’s review of that!

THREE new posters. Qt3 felt quite faint.

It’s kinda sad that a battle royal made you reinstall the game. I guess your just a casual but geez. Your helping others like you ruin games that do not need a battle royal mode. (my fucking opinion)

We’re taking on water in the forward sections.

When I joined the forum I had to send an email to Mr. Chick himself to get in. Is that no longer the case? (Or was it never the case and I’m having some memory issues redolent of a psychological horror movie?)

I was wondering about that myself.

Guys! Tom is a ‘casual’ now. It was a good run, but apparently the advent of Battle Royale modes finally pushed him over the edge into ruining rivet counters like CivVI.

Tom Chick: Filthy Casual. Time to turn in his hex maps and cardboard counters, I guess.

It was only the case for people Tom worried about. They had to ask. The rest of us were welcomed with open arms!

Just kidding. :). The policy changed a few years ago. I kind of like the spammers reviving old threads, but sometimes (like today) I miss the old policy. I like Civ VI more than Tom does–but not much more–but I’m still shocked that his piece brought out the great thinkers of our generation. I thought that was reserved for Call of Duty. Who knew that Civ VI had such stalwart defenders?

So will we be gatekeeping him or will he be gatekeeping us?

You’re not locked in here with me, I’m locked in here with you!


But are there zombies here? And do they stack?

So Qt3 is a battle royale?

That’s what I’m taking away from this thread.

Haha, nicely done. :)

I think every time I reinstall it (last time a few months ago) I set a record for shortest time uninstalling. I realize a lot of people like it, but it’s not for me. I even have played a ludicrous number of hours of Civ5.