I just shot my PC!

Has anybody totally given up on pc gaming and joined the darkside?

I am this close “<>” to doing just that. I have no consoles of my own. My kids have a Gamecube and all kinds of Nintendo DSs.

I am an Xbox 360 wannabe :)


PC snobbery is a lot more important than access to great games. Buck up.

raises hand

join usssssssssss

I just bought myself a 360, but I can see there’s still plenty of reasons to keep a PC going. Huxley, for example, will be better on the PC. Oblivion already was, and ditto BFME II. There’s little reason to bandwagon jump onto the 360 now unless you’re feeling totally compelled by particular games. I am kicking myself over the purchase a little, but I figure it will be justified in the end.

With the PSOne and PS2 and I thought I would be done with PC gaming. I always come slinking back and buy my PC flowers and candy and slide back in bed.

I have held off on the 360. I will prolly get a PS3, but no waiting in lines for me this time. I have learned my lesson. The games I most often want to play show up on the PC and I will never desert it again.

I will be happy to be your sponsor Goonch. When you are feeling weak, post here and I will do all I can to help.

It’s like having another kid. You don’t love the first one any less.


Lets see:

World of Warcraft
Birth of America
War in the Pacific
Silent Hunter 3
Rise of Legends
Conquest of the Aegean
Civ 4
OOTP 2006
Crown of Glory
Titan Quest


PC’s rule
Consoles - MEH

The PC has Supreme Commander and Spore.

Consoles have everything else.

I like me some variety. For a while I was completely hooked on Space Rangers 2 and WoW. Than I jumped over to Oddworld: Stranger and Metal Arms. Then it was back to the PC for Oblivion and Titan Quest. Now it’s over to the 360 for GRAW multiplay, NCAA and Dead Rising.

I’m not about to shoot either one.

Underdogs and indie projects/roguelikes will never allow me to shoot my PC. I am seriously considering the Wii, though.

Take it from someone who has been there, you’ll go console for awhile, and LOVE it, but you’ll always come back to the PC. There’s just too much really good shit for the PC that you can’t get anywhere else. The games listed in the posts above are just a small sampling.

It’s not just MMO games, consoles simply can’t do RPG, RTS/Strategy and Sim/Sandbox games as well as a PC can. If your gaming tastes run a broad spectrum, you need a PC gaming rig.

There’s room for both. By all means go out and grab a 360 and enjoy the living (or undead) shit out of Chromehounds and Dead Rising.

It’s not like you have to choose chocolate or peanut butter, man. Just eat some fucking Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. Have both.

Oh noes! PC gaming is DOMED!

  • Alan

Shut your trap! (lawl GET IT?!)

The shorter BG queue times with the WoW 1.12 patch have severely impacted my time spent on the DS & PSP. My Animal Crossing town is getting overgrown with weeds, and my orchard of out-of-town fruit goes unharvested. Katamaris remain unrolled. I still need to try again on some Burning Lap gold medals. Handhelds are DOMED!

I was just honestly curious if any pc gamers just totally abandoned the platform and went console.

Well, what do you mean by “totally abandoned”?

I doubt that any serious PC gamer would completely leave and never ever go back. I haven’t played a PC game in months, thanks to my DS Lite and a new baby, but I can’t imagine ever totally giving it up (the mouse + kbd is just too good of an input device for many genres).

Own a PC and a console (or two or three).

I just reinstalled the original Freedom Force, picked up Madden 2k7 for the PC, and I’m digging through my boxes looking for my BF2 CDs.

It doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy Chromehounds, Astropop or Dead Rising.

The whole Xbox Live Marketplace points thing just rubs me the wrong way, and the only game I would consider picking up a 360 for is many months away (Bioware’s Mass Effect).

That said, not having to wrestle with configuration and having games work as well as they should on your system without having to fuss with drivers or whatnot is pretty awesome.

Flip-side, consoles no real way to mod things that the developers aren’t going to charge you stupid amounts of money for to get the full game or things they should have released for free. (See GRAW, Chromehounds, Oblivion, etc)