I liked nvidia shield...a lot

I think there is something wrong with me.
I got to get my hands on the shield for a bit at e3 and I loved the feel of the controller. Its looks bulky and ugly but it felt really good in my hands and I kind of want one. The problem is apparently the games landscape on android is a joke (I have an iphone and ipad so I have no idea what the app situation looks like on there.) Can any android user confirm/deny that? I feel like the android games marketplace is about to take off with Ouya and the like coming out but I would essentially be making a $350 dollar gamble.

What does everyone else think? Is my consumerwhorism about to hit a new low? (My current low was buying a pspgo at launch even though I owned a regular psp) Is the games situation on android really as sparse as articles suggest? I was under the impression that Android has a huge smartphone market share, I find it hard to believe that developers are still ignoring it.

I preordered a Shield and am looking forward to getting it in another few weeks, so positive reviews closer to release are music to me. I’m probably going to be using it a lot for the PC streaming, but I’m definitely looking forward to using it for Pinball Arcade with physical triggers.

Well there are games, and many of them but nothing like the highclass releases on Ipad. And most stuff is released on Ipad first. Thats how it seems to me.

There are a couple android games, but very few that you’d actually want to play with a controller.

The PC streaming stuff is pretty cool, and from what I’ve heard it works well, but I’m not entirely clear why I wouldn’t just sit at my PC. I don’t really see myself playing Metro Last Light or whatever lying in bed with a controller. At $350 it’s pretty obviously a non-starter.

If they had a little appletv-sized box selling for $99 that plugged into my TV, realtime streaming games from my PC and working with a standard xbox360 controller, on the other hand, that would be pretty cool.

As a former iOS and current Android user, I can confirm that. Android is still a long way behind iOS when it comes to games.

The problem is apparently the games landscape on android is a joke

Oh, OK.

/me shuffles off to Google Play page and looks at my game collection

Let’s see.

ArmA Tactics HD
Dungeon Raid
Avadon: The Black Fortress
Dead Space
DosBox Turbo
Dungeon Village
Elder Sign Omens
Fruit Ninja
Game Dev Story
Grand Prix Story
Great Big War Game
Plague Inc.
Quest Lord
Star Traders RPG Elite
The Bard’s Tale
X-Plane 9
Strike Fighters
Talisman Prologue
Weird World
Zen Pinball HD

That’s a great vast wasteland on Android right there :\ The whole “Android <application> is a joke” thing was true once, really not so much any more.

The whole “Android <application> is a joke” thing was true once, really not so much any more.

I probably wouldn’t call it a joke, but it’s still a poor selection compared to iOS when it comes to games. Especially when it comes to board game conversions.

True. I gave up on iPhone, but I’m keeping the iPad.

I’m honestly not looking for board game conversions to play on a 5-inch screen with analog sticks. That’s what the wife’s iPad is for.

That’s the use case I’m seeing this as being, except costing $200 more than what you suggest above. The Shield can plug into your TV to stream games and operate as the controller as well. This might be something to keep an eye out on if the prices drop substantially in the next year or two.

I wouldn’t buy a Shield (just) for Android games. If the PC streaming capabilities appeal to you (and work) that’s another matter.

Sure, it applies to all kinds of games though. Board game conversions are just particularly surprising to me as they are so well suited to mobile devices and the complete lack of them on Android is probably telling.

$250 more.

Isn’t the discussion of Android vs iOS games a bit silly? There are thousands and thousands of Android games at this point, but in any case, the real problem here is the games were designed with touchscreen on mind, not for dual sticks.

Yes, I tried to made that point earlier. There’ll be a couple tegra zone games, and some big sellers might add it later on, but most android games don’t work with the controller, or aren’t created with a controller in mind.

Yea that’s my concern with pulling the trigger on this. I guess I’ll make a sensible video game purchasing decision for once in my life and take a wait and see approach for now.

If it’s burning a hole, spend the money on an oculus rift. It’ll be a gimmick too, at least at first, but it’s a mega-cool gimmick.

Maybe get a leap motion too, it’s only eighty bucks and while nowhere near oculus rift levels of super mega ultra coolness, it is fairly frosty.

I have a friend that has the oculus-preorder.

Oculus is already supported nativelly in engines like Source, so games based on Source will run it. Also Unreal, so future games using Unreal. Theres drivers that give some support to games that don’t nativelly support. And people is furiusly making demos and interesting experiments, and posting them online, so theres like 30+ things you can already download and experiment, and a lot of them are really crazy… a few are just proffs of concept.
Theres other RV devices that work really well with oculus. Theres a camera + 2 gaunlets, that control exactly the position of your hands in the real world. Theres a device that look like 2 nintendo nunchaks, that let you do similar in a more gamey way.
Theres also tools, to do modeling, but modelers don’t like them much (are not precise).

It seems that everyone that buy the oculus, will get a lot of software to play it :D

Re: android

I have a iPad and a Android tablet, and there are some games in iPad that don’t exist on the Android. There are games of all genres, but the ones you can’t download, can be the ones you want to download, so is not cool. Overal, the Android is designed by stupid people. I could probably x100 the usability of android editing a few config files :P