I love Lego

I just saw these cool FTL fan-made Lego models. Since this project has acquired enough votes, there’s a chance that they might be produced and sold by Lego. This is the same community vote program that helped release the Minecraft and Back to the Future (just released) sets.

Is anyone into Lego? I used to collect (read: amass) and build some custom models a few years back. I stopped after getting busy with other stuff and running out of space for them, but I’m hoping to get back into them again sometime.

Minecraft set
BTTF set

Yes. I still get a kick out of Legos. My favorite kit is my Star Destroyer that my wife gave me for a Christmas present a few years ago.

Unfortunately, I just don’t have the space to indulge my Lego mania, so I leave the big stuff to my fantasies and just pick up the odd tiny kit every now and then when I can’t resist.

It was actually the Minecraft Lego set that got me back into it last year. They went on sale back in February 2012, at which point I had no Lego (not counting what’s sitting in closets at my parents’ house from my childhood), and by the time the Minecraft set shipped in June I was already hooked again with their new licensed sets for Lord of the Rings and Marvel. So now I have all the Marvel sets, most of the recent DC line, most of the LotR line, the 4 most recent collectable minifigures sets, and a bunch of other assorted stuff.

I feel a little guilty about just putting together the sets as designed and leaving most of them displayed in the computer room, I’m not taking them apart and getting creative with them, but there’s still something awesome about just building them. It’s relaxing to queue up some podcasts and spend a few hours clicking those bricks together, and even more so with some of the incredibly complex stuff they have today (the only modular city building I have so far is 10197 Fire Brigade, but it’s awesome and I’m planning to get everything else from that line I can find/afford).

So according to the collection calculator at brickset.com I’ve dropped about $1,800 on Lego in the last year or so. Yikes.

I’m also pretty easily amused just playing with the minifigs. I spent more time than a grownup should trying to get these guys to balance in action-y poses last night, for example: http://www.flickr.com/photos/whollyschmidt/9441600046/

Aw dude, Legos. I’ve been obsessed with them as long as I remember. Can’t wait until my little boy is a little older so I have an excuse to go buy some more, and then take him to the Lego amusement park in southern Cal. And while these aren’t technically Legos, I have been seeing this pop up on my Amazon page as a purchase suggestion:

I want to go to there.

I’m a lego enabler. My son has every one of the lord of the rings and Hobitt sets (yes, even the Tower of Orthanc.) He also has most of the Star Wars sets (except Super Star Destroyer, B Wing, and Death Star). My daughter has all of the Lego Friends sets and most of Lego Architecture.

I even bought the Sopwith Camel, for my self, and my kids decided to “help me” by building most of it. He just turned 7. She just turned 9.

Ugh, Kre-O. Similar ugh for Mega Bloks. I used to think they were all the same, but then I had kids and got hands-on experience with all three brands. Lego is by far superior in all aspects. The bricks are better made, the instructions are better, the designs are better. My house is Lego-only now. More expensive, sure, but worth it.

Lego’s sets have really improved in the past couple of years. Much better designs, more useful pieces, and they’ve acquired tons of great licenses lately. So many great sets that I just avoid buying most of them to avoid getting started on collecting again. I used to collect Star Wars sets, but they started releasing so many that I gave up after awhile. Their UCS Millennium Falcon is my favorite set, although I have not gotten around to building it yet. If you’ve seen my posts in the Bargain thread, it’s probably not surprising that I have a Lego set backlog as well. I’ve cut down to buying around two sets per year, though.

Wholly Schmidt, those ninja figs look cool. They’re the TMNT ones, right? I might need to get a set just for those figs.

Here are the custom things I’ve built in the past.

I buy my son the new sets and we both love Lego. I gave him all my sets from the late 70’s through 90’s, so he started with a metric shit-ton. He’s taking a bit of a break from them but he constantly messes with them.

Only problem is that at 5 years old he doesn’t leave anything I build from instructions as-is. He’s created tons of mutants and weird stuff though!

I’m enough of an AFOL that seeing every one of you not writing it LEGO hurts. It huurts uuuussss…

You say that as if it isn’t the point. Not sure if serious?

All done with Lego - my son is grown. I had 2000 or so medieval minifigs at one point (one hundred knights on barded mounts, for example). 30-40 pirates ships (obliterated in a one day battle with the neighborhood kids). 400 Napoleonic figures (shooting cannon, of course, none of this crippled lawyer driven 'merican stuff). But one of the best toys ever.

I discovered to my horror/delight that I have a collection of minifigs. This was mostly unintentional, but I tend to pick up a small set or two every year, and they pretty much all come with a minifig or two. This adds up over time.

I’m in my second dark age at the moment, which is funny because I emerged from my first dark age but found that I don’t currently have the time/money/space combination that will enable large scale Lego collecting. Still getting my annual allowance of small sets though.

As an aside, I’m always amused that Lego has so few problems with competing brands, which is to say Lego knows it’s occupying the “high end” slot and doesn’t feel overly threatened by lower-quality substitutes.

Are you also one of those people who shudders when people call the bricks “Legos” instead of “Lego bricks”? Because come on.

p.s. krushnine, those designs are very cool.

I’m a serious LEGO fan; we have a room in our house dedicated to Lego. I don’t spend a lot on sets any more but occasionally pick up minifig bags. My wife got me the Sungnyemun set last year for Father’s Day, and I also ordered the first six Lego Master Builder sets. There’s a cool Lego Architecture set that’s out right now to create your own mini-buildings, but it’s $150… haven’t bought a set that expensive in a long time.

Correct, TMNT foot clan soldiers. If you just want some ninjas, there might some Ninjago sets that would be good too, although I haven’t paid much attention to that line. Those are really cool custom sets you’ve made, that’s the kind of thing I wish I could do, or find the time to even attempt.

And I debated typing LEGO every time, but didn’t want to be that guy. I definitely don’t refer to them as Legos though.

I refuse to use all caps. However, “Legos” is simply for the unwashed. ;-)

Jesus Christ, I am pretty sure the sticks up your collective asses have sticks up their asses. Why does it matter?

This is the way to go. :) Making cool new stuff is always good. In the worst case, you can buy two of each set. One for displaying the official build, and the other for parts/tinkering. Oh, and a third set for keeping as collectors items so you can pay for his college tuition later on. :)

Great, thanks. I gotta get me some TMNT ninjas. I like their non-human look.

Since there are many cheap knockoffs (like those crappy Mega Bloks, ugh), the Lego Group is very protective of their branding. They’ve specifically requested fans to not say things like “I like to play with legos” so as not to water down their brand. They don’t want parents to walk into the toy store looking for “legos” and end up buying the cheaper, inferior stuff for their kids thinking it’s the same thing.

There was some news a few years back where they sued some company in China for producing imitation sets. I think they won (?), got a hold of and destroyed all the remaining supply so that it wouldn’t ever go into circulation.

I could see where that might be important to a stockholder. Overgrown children like us, not so sure.

Oh, it’s awesome when he explains the crazy scene he’s created to me and I can see he built what he’s describing. I just wish I had 10 minutes to enjoy the work I just did putting the latest purchase together! I’ve actually had him dismantle a set as I was building a different part! It’s all worth it though.