I love Lego

Also BrickLink - Buy and sell LEGO Parts, Sets and Minifigures

My experience with the shop I linked has been much different. I started with them about 5 years ago and I was tentative at first, only buying one or 2 cheap sets to feel it out. I don’t really notice much of a quality difference and I do buy a lot of real LEGO. And I’ve been surprised with the number of motors and whatnot you get with the motorized sets for the price, like the excavator I linked.

The sets do come in plain packaging, but often with numbered ziploc-type bags that I can reuse, unlike LEGO. And sometimes the motors show up a week after the main set but they always have shown up.

When I break a set down I just toss the bits into the same storage as real LEGO.

Woah… I’m giving the site more of a peruse… they have a massive catalogue. But confusing though, they seem to have many different brand logos on the ‘boxes’, are they all consistent, hard to know. Still, I am really tempted to just order a pile of motors given they’re a small fraction of Lego costs, while the sets seem about half… hmm!

I’ve found that the “Mould King” and “Cada” brands are consistently good and well-packaged. Those are most of what I’ve bought from there.
And sometimes they throw in one of these Chinese hanging thingamajigs …which is kind of cute.

Optimus Prime is on sale (in the UK anyway). Think I’m going to bite.

So, I got the 90th anniversary Lego Castle set as a little treat to myself. I regret to inform you that it is very very good indeed, even without the potent nostalgia hit.

Me too!

I live in a 500 sqft apartment, I have no idea how I’m going to build or display this thing

So many clever little touches in the design and although scaled down to fit into a plausible build time, each room somehow manages to have a purpose and tell its own little story - the whole hidden rooms and passageways for the Robin Hood analogues is a wonderfully coherent bit of design especially when you figure out how the two halves of the build fit together.

Rent a storage unit, start living there, and surrender your apartment to the Lego set!

Yeah, if I had the space I’d totally get the castle. May still do it if I manage to offload some of my existing sets.

In other lego news, Optimus Prime is a really fun build. The articulation and transforming engineering is ingenious.

So I moved to Colorado a few years ago. This involved moving a lot of fully completed Lego sets. These were torn apart quickly and put into boxes necessitating the following process to restore them:

  1. Organize bricks into colors and sizes. No bag-progression for you!
  2. Lots of time hunting for pieces each step of the way
  3. Profit

This isn’t a big deal on smaller models, but I’ve been working on the 2019 Millennium Falcon. All 8000 pieces of it. I use these plastic trays to keep colors separate, jewelry organizers for small pieces. This is really a labor of love.

Behold my madness:

Oh Lord, where am I going to build/display it… resistance holding. For now.

I’m not a die-hard Lord of the Rings fan or anything, but damn that’s a nice looking set!

Also, I believe this Nightmare Before Christmas set from Lego Ideas has recently been approved for manufacturing!

I definitely have my eye on that set.

I had both of these sets growing up - they were the best!

This is great.
I’ve started breaking down older completed sets mainly due to space.

I’ve found that taking them apart and organizing the elements for a future rebuild can be as much fun and calming as building them for the first time.

I took a chance on one of these Nifeliz knockoff sets

I was actually pretty impressed with it. It’s way bigger than I was expecting, about a foot long. It has a lot of great detail, there are clear custom parts for the cylinder heads so you can see the pistons moving up and down, the right grip (throttle) spins but the left one doesn’t.

The instructions aren’t as good as Lego but in a way I kind of enjoyed that because it made the build a little challenging as I had to puzzle some bits together.

I think this set would be at least $60-70 in Lego so at $30 it was a good deal.

New Indy sets? Hell yes!

This is on sale on Steam, down to £17.50 in the UK. I’ve been holding out for Game Pass, as it seems like the sort of game that would end up there after six months. But it’s pretty darn tempting at that price.