I love Lego

Does it come with a flux capacitor, and do you have to track down your own plutonium? Or is that part of the Libyans add-on kit?

One for each movie!

Which, naturally, I opted for the Mr Fusion variant.

This guy loved Lego too.

He also, apparently, thinks it is too expensive to pay for.

There’s “fallen off a truck” and then there’s “I’ve just taken the whole truck.” I can only guess he stole those from some warehouse, perhaps? That’s a hell of a lot to steal in a single go.

Or he and accomplices spent months grabbing individual items and just walking out the store.

Detectives started investigating the case after a retailer in San Pedro identified Gudino as the suspect who had allegedly robbed them several times last December.

With all the retail robbing going on it would make sense to steal Lego.

Probably the most bang for the buck I would think (though this sounds like it was a mass robbery).

Dun dun dun

Woohoo, my Artemis set has arrived.

Launch platform taking shape:

I’m slowing down my Lego purchases, and will only buy one more this year. It’s a toss-up between Artemis, D&D, or Barad-dur. Since I have most of the 2012 LOTR sets and the new Rivendell, it’ll likely be the latter.

One thing I don’t like about the Artemis set: The launch tower is cool but the triangular support beams don’t reach the top of each section.

Onwards and upwards!

Your 3rd picture shows what I mean. I’ve only seen YouTube reviews…do you think that one could buy longer bar pieces from Bricklink and cut them to make the inverted “V” shapes reach the bottom of the next level? IRL they are support beams, but here they’re just waving around in the air. I just can’t unsee this on the model.

Tower structure nearly complete:

It is a little weird, but it’s most noticeable on that first short layer. I suppose this was the best they could do with the lengths available. I’m not too fussed by it, personally.

Ah the DeLorean, a really nice looking model. Lots of little details from the film, such as having a banana and beer can in Mr Fusion. Really enjoyed doing it with my kids.

I’m more amazed at the dust-free shelf of knick-knacks!

Yeah, my DeLorean is encrusted with dust. And @CraigM, you picked the same version I did!

Tower complete