I love Lego


Where the heck is Agent Coulson?


The comments of the Lego sites that covered this are full of people asking the same thing. Certainly no dealbreaker for me, but this is the perfect set for him, so it’s a little weird not to see him show up.


It’s probably some hilarious licensing thing around the TV series.


I suppose it’s possible, but it seems unlikely when Lego has had no problem dealing with the Marvel licensing that’s so fragmented elsewhere. Their Marvel sets so far have included Avengers, Spider-Men, Guardians of the Galaxy, and X-Men, some clearly branded with movie versions of the characters, others pulling specifically from Avengers and Ultimate Spider-Man cartoons. And some (all their X-Men sets so far) just using classic comic versions.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. would be a weird one to get hung up on since that’s firmly part of the Disney/Marvel Cinematic Universe that’s already represented well in the Lego. Likewise the possibility of simply holding out for specific AoS sets later on seems unlikely as there’s very little in the show in the way of vehicles or locations that could sustain a wave of playsets. A one-off of The Bus seems very unlikely.

Maybe he’ll show up in a polybag somewhere (there’s a Winter Soldier figure polybag on the way), hopefully widely available and not just as a limited shop.lego.com exclusive or something.

edit: The Iron Patriot (red white and blue War Machine from Iron Man 3 and the comics) was a preorder exclusive for the first Lego Marvel video game. Let’s hope that’s not where Coulson ends up, but with the new Lego Avengers game just announced, it very well could be.


$350 isn’t cheap, but I just caved and ordered the Helicarrier (it’s available for VIP members today in the US, Thursday in most of the rest of the world, and March 1st for everyone). If anyone wanted insight into my priorities, I’m literally choosing this over getting an Apple Watch this year. Not that I was definitely going to get an Apple Watch, but I had money earmarked for it if it turned out awesome, and instead I’m buying 2,996 tiny pieces of plastic.


Man, that looks awesome. I’m going to have to get one, too.


That is the bomb!


No, no. That is a helicarrier. This is the Bomb.


New round of Simpsons collectable minifigures announced, as well as the Kwik-E-Mart set.


Who needs the Kwik-E-Mart?

I doooooo…


I have very little willpower when it comes to LEGO, but with the crazy number of licensed themes they have that currently appeal to me, Simpsons has been bumped just slightly off my “must-buy” list. Which is a shame, because the Kwik-E-Mart looks even better than the Simpsons House.


Not totally sure this is the place for this, but I figured someone else might be interested: the 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea model idea reached 10,000 supporters and will now go under review for release as an actual product. I think this is the only one of these I’ve supported that has gotten this far. Would be really cool if I could actually buy and build this someday.


Oh, for the Dr. Who fans, the Tardis set has been officially revealed, and Brickset has a review up: http://brickset.com/article/17018/review-21304-doctor-who

I know very little about the show, but the set looks clever. On sale December 1, USD $59.99.


And the adorable Wall-E set is out too, did we talk about that?

It’s almost an amazing set, but a lot of people are unsatisfied with the way the neck support is designed. His head turns too freely, so if it’s angled up or down at all, it very easily swivels around till he’s looking down (videos of the problem in a review here).

Chris McVeigh, a fantastic LEGO model maker, came up with an alternate design for the head mount though, so you can get his plans to fix it from his site if you’ve got the right pieces. Constructibles even put together the required parts in a kit you can buy, though it goes in and out of stock frequently. I got the Constructibles kit and really enjoy the Wall-E model.


OMG. This is now official.



I believe by piece count, that’s the third-largest Lego set ever. Everyone on the Lego sites I watch is excited to see what the inside looks like (or busy complaining that they didn’t use a dark orange brick color for the exterior). I don’t like Ghostbusters enough to pay $350 for a Lego set, but as price per piece goes, while expensive, this is not overpriced. As the guy who did buy the $350 SHIELD Helicarrier, I hope this is a success and that they’re willing to keep building crazy sets like this for comparatively niche audiences.


There was a very cool Lego Firehouse Idea’s submission last year that got rejected - I suspect that this is why - they already had an in-house version (one thing to note - this is based off a lego ideas submission - but it was an exterior only idea, while the one from last year was a modular set).


Does that match the scale of the GB car kit?


It does.


I want to see in there! Why don’t they have a cross section pic of the interior? I’m assuming it opens up.

I know what you’re saying about relative cost, but I would still think that’s really pricey for most preteens to hit their parents with. I think the most expensive I’ve ever [had my parents] pay for a lego set, and I was quite the maniac as a kid, was the Blacktron base which was still ~ $100. Are all these sets targeting nostalgic adults with fat wallets these days?