I love Lego


I assume so, and that’s what I’m hoping they’re willing to keep doing.


Well keep in mind inflation. As a kid the most expensive set I ever had was the moonbase railway, which clocked in at about $120 in the 90’s. Adjust for inflation and it is in the same realm as this Ghostbusters set.


Was the GB car a limited run or something?

The local Toys-r-Us had a couple sitting there and I did not grab one…


It’s probably still available. They’re listed as “Out of stock, will ship within 30 days” on Lego’s online store, and still available at retail price on Amazon. It was part of the “Ideas” line, which are sets based on submissions from the community. The Back to the Future DeLorean was also an Ideas set, it was available for about 15 months. That means the Ecto-1 [I]might[/I] be close to the end of its production run (it was released in June of last year), but with the firehouse on the way I think they’ll likely keep it in production a while longer.

edit: all time frames were for the US, availability can vary slightly in other markets


Thanks. I got my wife to buy it. She went to Toys-R-Us this morning for some toddler consumables and I told her to get it. 'It’s about $35, around about here in the Lego aisle" I said.

It was $80, but she still came home with it.



My big expensive LEGO purchase last year was the SHIELD Helicarrier, this year it looks like it’s going to be 76052-1: Batman Classic TV Series - Batcave:

Pretty pricey at US $269.99 (CA $329.99, DE 249.99€, UK £229.99, DK 2499.00 DKK), but I doubt I’ll be able to resist. More screenshots at Brickset here, can’t quite tell from the pictures if the Joker has his white mustache though.

At first the height of the pole/Wayne Manor portion seems silly, but I love that it allows them to include not only the poles down to the Batcave, but the side of the building on the reverse side for the classic grappling hook scenes.


And a reminder for anyone interested that the Ghostbusters Firehouse Headquarters went on sale at the beginning of the month. There are pictures now of the interior at that link or the LEGO site as well. Disappointingly you have to move some scenery around on the bottom floor to fit the Ecto-1 in there, but it still looks like a pretty great set.


Just out of curiosity, Wholly: where do you keep your legos? I mean, do you display the final assembled sets somewhere, or just break them down for whenever you feel like building something?


It’s kind of a mess! I keep the modular city buildings that I have (four so far) assembled on my computer desk (it’s a big L-shaped setup), and plan to always keep them intact for display if possible.

The Helicarrier is on top of my dresser, Orthanc is on top of a book shelf, and I’d like to keep those assembled for as long as I have room too. Beyond that, I just sort of clutter up any remaining surface area on the dresser in my room or the bookshelves elsewhere until it’s too messy looking or too full, and then I disassemble whatever’s there and box/bag it up in a growing tower of storage containers and then fill it up with new small sets as I acquire them. I’ll occasionally switch things out and reassemble things for a “theme” (Marvel aircraft, for example: Blackbird, two versions of the Quinjet, and the Milano), other times it’s just whatever’s newest.

I’m not sure how long it will be sustainable. I don’t own a home, still just renting and living with roommates, so every year or three the whole situation changes anyway. Someday I’ll trick someone into marrying me and settling down, at which point I might have a whole lot more room, or a whole lot less room, but I’ll definitely have a much stronger influence on the setup than my current roommates. At which point maybe my nephew gets spoiled and it becomes my sister’s problem where to store everything!


There we go, Cesar Romero mustache confirmed:


OK now that’s funny.


Does somebody want to tell him?


Hah, I worded that poorly. I mean I will definitely have someone else who is a much stronger influence on the setup than my roommates now, not that I will have more influence!


I want that Batman set sooooo bad, but really don’t have room for it.


That batman set is awesome, I love the Batmobile and Batcopter. Does it have a system where you drop the Bruce Wayne/Burt Ward figs down the poles and the Batman/Robin figs pop out the bottom?


Yes it does.


OMG. I’ll FIND space for this.

I just wish I could build it and give it to my 7-year-old self.


You can see it in action in the designer video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RwXUzWfNmJc

It’s not quite automatic, looks like you just manually trigger the release of the Batman and Robin figures you’ve hidden at the top of the poles. Good enough for me though.


Look at this madness. Uploading images straight from my iPhone camera to the forum. Suck it imgur!


Wait. Why does The Flash have a car?