I love Lego


My son, who is five, has developed a kind of ritual with Lego sets he gets. He likes for me to build the set by the instructions so he can see and play with the set as it was designed. Then he takes it apart and builds whatever he feels like. It seems to work for him.


I like that, @divedivedive. That’s more creative use of modern LEGOs, which are far more used as kits, it seems, nowadays, instead of construction toys. Your son’s getting the best of both worlds.


Just don’t be that guy:

And you know, as awesome as that set is, I do still appreciate those that do amazing designs in a more ‘mincraft’ style - ie., with a “standard” set of bricks without all the funky specialized shapes that can really only be used one way.


So I went to the Lego store at Mall of America today and they had the new Millenium Falcon on display. Dear god. It’s so… BIG… and AWESOME. My wallet weeps.


That looked super super staged though. No way he dropped it in such a comically inept over the top way!


Apparently even Lego isn’t immune to the dead hand of the DC cinematic universe


That has almost nothing to do with the DCEU (the Snyder films). They’re citing drop in demand for the LEGO Batman Movie, and acknowledging even their Star Wars line (the strongest performer) saw a dip in sales.

Man of Steel: three LEGO sets. Batman V. Superman: three sets. Wonder Woman: one set. Justice League: three sets. So that’s 10 sets across four years for all of the DCEU.

The LEGO Batman Movie: 18 sets.

Not counting the handful of polybag and minifigure sets for each, though the LEGO Batman movie had more of those too.

The DCEU lines are a drop in the bucket across LEGO’s lineup. You really can’t hang this one on the DCEU.


I was being a bit facetious, I’ll admit. I just find it perversely amusing that DC can’t seem to find any way to make monetising its stuff outside of the comics and, maybe, Batman, work, while Marvel can throw out any old rubbish again and again and it makes money hand over fist (and usually gets a critical pass).


I can report that the Lego Millennium Falcon is being offered as a business card raffle prize at finance conferences. Apparently it’s the new iPad.


I was unable to get one so far. Their website on 9/14 was worse than trying to order the new hotness from Apple. And it was gone in like 5 minutes.


Just thought I’d drop this here - my son came up to me with something he made, “your favorite space ship!”

You can’t tell me that isn’t an iconic design, when six Lego pieces allow you to build a simple version.


Ha, that’s awesome! Nurture that skill!


Aww, super sweet. I’d probably save that for a while.

How old is he?


He’s five. He often makes fairly intricate builds of things, but I actually really appreciate the simplicity of this one, it gets the point across with just a few pieces.


That’s really cool, can’t wait!


Nicely done! You deserve likes.


This one always blows me away:

Too bad it has not top or bottom, and just the middle.


The Saturn V model seems to be widely available for now (in the UK anyway). I caved.


I’m not crazy enough to actually buy this, but it’s pretty amazing:




I saw that today and wanted it. Then I saw the price tag and very reluctantly changed my mind… :(