I love meeces to pieces

So I used to use the 3m Ergonomic Mouse which is super awesome. I only use it at work because it’s not particularly effective for gaming.

I actually have another one of these at home that I bought because I wanted to be sure that I’d have a replacement if they decided to stop making them. But when my work one started to come apart I decided to try a different device. After looking around a bit I saw a review that suggested that the Evoluent Vertical Mouse was pretty cool.

I ordered one from J&R via Amazon yesterday afternoon and it was on my chair at lunchtime today! Anyway, this thing is awesome too. For anybody out there that has had wrist or arm issues, it’s definitely worth checking out one of these mice. They keep your arm in the more natural straight position and you use your whole arm to move them rather than just your wrist.

Again, bad for gaming but great for work. The only downside is that I have to keep a separate normal mouse plugged in at my desktop for the unenlightened.

The Vertical Mouse looks neat, but isn’t it hard to move it to the right? Seems like it would be.

Also, that company’s “mouse-friendly keyboard” is weird. It seems like it might be a good idea, but I think it would be just really hard to use the numpad on the left.

I don’t find it hard to move to the right. I do agree that the “mouse friendly keyboard” is wierd though. I would never give up my Microsoft Natural keybaord for a standard old wristkiller regardless of how small it is.

I’m a bit of a mouse/keyboard junky.

This mouse is interesting but one caveat - do not use if you have one of those underdesk trays. it probably won’t fit.

The Vertical Mouse is about 3" high and the 3M mouse is about 4.5" high.

If you’re a unix person I would probably recommend the Vertical Mouse over the 3M because the 3M only has 3 buttons and two of those buttons (left and right) are on a rocker switch for your thumb and only one of them can be pressed at a time (as far as I could ever tell) which means that the unix left/right to paste is right out.

How are wireless keyboard / mouse combos for gaming? Is there much packet loss? Is there a particular combo one would recommend?

Currently I use some wired Microsoft keyboard and the Razer mouse, but I’d love to go 1337 wireless.

The logitech wireless gaming mice (G7 I think it’s called) are terrific.

I swear by my G7 at home… I’ve forgone the wireless keyboard in favor of a Natural 4000…

You can bag the Logitech MX1000 fairly cheaply, thanks to the G7 coming out. I’ve yet to switch, and love the thing. No problems as of yet.

Thanks for the tip Spoofy! That looks awesome, and just the thing for my perpetually nascent carpal tunnel.