I love Xbox LIVE Arcade SO much!

So I had no idea that they were going to grab the old X-Men arcade game and put it up. This was a game that I couldn’t play back in the day too much because it cost too much and I died a lot. Now I can play it! Any idea how the port is?

But two Doritos games are now free also, and they both seem pretty good to me…at least good in the sense of being free and decent quality for what they are.

And I’m playing a lot of Pinball FX2 lately.

Overall, I often find myself getting more value out of the Arcade then I do out of the disk games. This service is just wonderful.

PSN is just as good, I should mention. I love Joe Danger.

Part of XBLA’s charm is how accessible it is - if I have 10 minutes then I can jump into Trials or GW2 for some mindless fun without a disc swap. Great service and I hope the quality games keep coming out.

PSN’s interface is a step behind the XBLA. But that being said, I like all three platforms for having the ability to download and play games.

I find it harder to navigate, actually. It doesn’t feel intuitive to me at all. However, you are right that there are some nice games there. The Wii’s service sounds good too, but I don’t have the system.

I’m just glad that broadband access and consoles have converged to create a service that is so wondrous. Between this and netflix streaming, it’s a great time to be entertained. I’m not sure if I’ll ever be productive again!

Virtual Console is my favorite for classic games. So much awesome stuff on there.

Both PSN and Xbox Live Arcade as well as the Indie games on Xbox Live are great, though. I’ve gotten a lot of stuff from there lately. Awesome.

I wish the library for the Wii was bigger, there are still some classics I’d like to play. (Metal Warriors was so good for its time – but I didn’t see it on there last I checked.) But there are alot of great classics. I haven’t tried much of the original content yet, but Tom highlighted a couple on Fidgit that I’ve been meaning to try out, like the Ant one and Swords and Soldiers.

PSN has Wipeout HD, which is quite good, and the pixel junk stuff, which isn’t bad.

Xlive has alot of great stuff, Death Spank, that metroid clone from Epic by Orson Scott Card that has a name that escapes me. Some Castlevania, and a bunch of turn based strategy games that the console is really otherwise lacking. The indie games are fun too, lots of trash, but the good ones are good and quite affordable.

The edge goes to the xbox for me, simply because everything has a free trial (even the indie games), right in the same listing as the full game, so its very easy to try before you buy. But considering the other two both have wireless adapters built in, if you own the console, its worth taking a moment to hook them up and browse what’s available.

As XBLA shuts down at the end of the month, here’s a look at the all time best sellers.