I Love You, Q23.

I got banned awhile back from resetera, but I still check on there now and then to see if there’s any interesting conversation going on. Today, I saw this and it made me realize how happy I am to have found this place, and to be able to discuss, argue, and disagree with one another like adults.

I’m glad you’re here. I’m glad we are all here like this.

So say we all.

Although we need a ‘Like’ button!

The more ridonkulous thing is that reading through that thread, the bannings are completely arbitrary. Some folks can get away with saying, “What’s the big deal?” while others get a temp or full ban for basically saying the same thing. If Repubs want their cancel culture, they need look no further than Resetera.

I am told that the only way to get that is to constantly PM @tomchick relentlessly. Every day. All the time. :)

Though, I mean, in certain contexts, a hairstyle can absolutely be appropriation :-)

But I wouldn’t ban you for saying otherwise. I’d just engage in an increasingly trollish argument about it! :-D

That ship has sailed. ;) And I’m not sad about the lack of likes. It forces me to engage more, which is one of the arguments @tomchick presented against likes, and he has a point.

Anyway, here’s a different like!

Yes! The key word being ‘argument’!

It’s like people are too afraid to engage other people nowadays. Shit, back when the Rotten Tomatoes forums were active, the only way to get banned was to threaten another member, post tits, or to repeatedly post spoilers. There were epic conversations/arguments on there.

One of these things is not like the other… :)

Cultural appropiation is a dumb concept and possibly made up by racist for racist so white racist can tell other white racist “don’t wear that, is chinese”.

If Cultural appropiation existed, then It would be bad that American Pizza exist, and all Pizza shops in USA should close, except these where all workers are Italians from Italia with a Italian passport.

You would not eat Taco, except made by Mexicans. “Chinese Food Restaurant” would not exist, as all of it is a fiction made up inspired from the real chinese food.

The thing is… cultures naturally copy each other. And thats a good thing. Copy is a form of appreciation. The inventor of “Cultural appropiation” was a asshole.

Yeah, spoilers are way over the line.

I want to jump in and say I love QT3, but not because we can say really very stupid things without getting banned, but rather that the people here are (mostly) really awesome and interested in having adult discussions about various difficult topics. I’ve grown as a person with many of you and think of many of you as my friends.

Also, it’s a very QT3 thing that a thread about this place being great immediately started devolving into a P&R discussion. Thanks, Tei! Never change! Well, maybe change a tiny bit.

That is the very sort of place that gives folks on the left a bad name.

Qt3 sucks and you’re all gay

Not that there’s anything wrong with that!

That sounds like a win-win to me.

actually I"m a lesbian. ^_^

I am an attack helicopter.

I’m not a huge fan of that one because bigots use that when they attack people for identifying as a different gender. Like, “well if you can be a woman then I’m an attack helicopter”.

Bigots ruin everything. :(