I love you with the burning passion of 100 rages!11!



[SIZE=1] What the fuck?[/SIZE]

Even scarier: it’s actually a conversation between metta and metta’s alt (running on his laptop).

[SIZE=1]I kid! I kid![/SIZE]

Hah! My alt and I are having a trial separation >.<

I love all the epic armour coming off and his response when she says he’s overpowering.

I suspect “Choi” watches a fair bit of Sealab 2021. He seems to be emulating Hesh.

Funny, though. People who cyb0r in games are just plain incomprehensible to me. If you want to do the one hand on the keyboard thing, there’s just got to be better alternatives.

That phrase may haunt me for weeks.

100 rages gives new meaning to a “full rage bar”…

Dear Tom,

If you could just enable the platypus smiley, all other smiley related grievances will be completely forgiven.


It’s a duck.

I don’t know about you guys… I want to see the rest! ;-)

its a psyduck

Fixed that up for you.

[SIZE=“1”]You can thank the SA forums for both of the emotes I’ve used.[/SIZE]

Why a duck?

Not a duck. A Psyduck. It’s a psychic Pokemon. Why it has come to stand for things that hurt one’s mind, I do not know.

Why a duck? Lemme a tell-a you why a duck.

Because he always has headaches. You know, from the psychic energy waves.

Because it’s duck season.

Wabbit season.

All we can see is that it has a duck’s bill. This leaves open the question of whether it is a duck, or something else duck-billed, like, I dunno, what duck-billed things do you get?

Psyduck is like the Inspector Clouseau of Pokemon. He’s bumbling, stumbling, incompetant. Sadly, if his headache gets bad enough, he becomes very powerful.