I love you with the burning passion of 100 rages!11!

Why a duck? Why not a chicken?


Because the chicken uses fire, not psionics. Torchic.

Why not Wobuffet?

Oddly enough. Platypi! Platypusses…uh…

He blew out his flip-flop and had to cruise on back home.

Because we have standards.

Luckily there was booze in the blender, that soon will render that WHAT THE HELL IS THAT BLUE THING.

I miss the old TMOL.

Also, back to WoW cybering, the phrase “I slowly unwork the bindings of your Wildheart Spaulders, apologizing softly for breaking your set bonus” from the recent PA strip is the funniest thing I’ve read on the topic.

If you guys really want Tom to give you smileys, you have to show him something like this: