I might get (re)married in Vegas this weekend

Crazy? Spontanteous? We are vacationing in Vegas this weekend (already engaged) and are toying with the idea of just getting married spontaneously.

Anyone here eloped? By eloped I mean, just gotten married with little ceremony to someone you live with already.

We are doing a tour of a bunch pf places. Bill D.! You wanna officiate?

Very spomtanteous.

Anyway, congratulations, I’m sure you’ll be very happy.

Edit: Oh, whatever you do, don’t play poker with James Caan. He cheats and tries to steal your girl.

My wife and I eloped to Vegas. Before she was my wife.

No regrets. Best week of my life.

Do it! If you have kids, they will love the story! If you don’t plan to have kids, you can always start a thread here. Everyone loves a good elope story.

And congratulations!

Sire a son. Call him Chip.

My brother and his wife got married at the Justice of the Peace on the way home from work one day. They’ve been married about 15 years now, and still think the wedding industry is a big scam.

I got ordained over the internet ages ago, & I have the power to ordain others, so if Bill D. or other Vegas residents wants to PM me, I think I can duly deputize them to marry folks.

Congrats in advance for the Guapo

And hot tub manufacturers around the world weeped.

But seriously, congrats, El G! Go for it!

Flew into Vegas in the morning, got married in the afternoon (complete with an Elvis impersonator and a pink Caddy) flew out that night with fireworks going off over the skyline (it was the 4th of July). Crazy, crazy day. Didn’t tell anyone till after it was done.

That was years ago. Still married. No regrets whatsoever. Screw the wedding industry, and congrats in advance!

We ran off to Istanbul last year to do the deed, just the two of us…

Not exactly eloping as we did tell people that’s what we were going to do to escape the duty of having to have a do which we really didn’t want. It didn’t go down too well with the family but most of them did eventually come round to why we did it the way we did.

Be warned! Watch out for Mr House and his robot army!

Other than that, have fun!

It’s your wedding, have it your way. Hmm, isn’t that a burger? Eithe rway, woot, I say go for it.

I think you’re doing it right. Weddings are fun, but the cost of it all is outrageous. Just have a big party when you get back and use the money to have an awesome vacation somewhere.

I hereby request an update on the hot-tub-themed Vegas wedding, with or without Elvis.

We did exactly that. Were living together (not engaged though) - vacationed in Vegas - I woke up one morning and asked her to marry me. We were back before noon, called our families, and moved on. Got married to the woman I love for under $100. Huzzah! :)

It’s super easy too, as you might expect. Just get into a cab and say you’d like to get married. He’ll know what to do.

While I generally don’t advocate the ridiculous fairy tale weddings, nothing says classy like spending under $100 to get married in Vegas.

Who cares if other people think your wedding is classy or not? The idea that you need to spend money to prove to other people that you really really care is idiotic.

If you and your fiance think getting married in Vegas is a cool idea, then go for it.

We did the Vegas wedding. One of the best days ever for me. Just a lot of ridiculous fun.

Best of all was that there was no pre or post wedding hassle. No balancing tables at the reception. No clean up. No coordinating the caterer with the rental furniture or the venue. Just grabbed my honey, stayed at the Bellagio, got a marriage license at the office, and then went to the chapel for the ceremony. Yes, we even got the cheesy Elvis impersonator to sing and officiate! It was terrific. The reception party was all of Vegas!

I wish more people would do what we did and spend the wedding money on something useful. Pay down their debt, down payment on a house, pay off their cars - whatever. Don’t throw it away on a dress and an over priced cake.

Well, last day, so if we get drunk enough this is our last chance. Having a great time so far!