I miss the Koontzian statistical analyses

Is my posts-per-day count slipping? Is Jason still accelerating his QT3-domination, or is someone catching up to him unexpectedly? Who fell off the top 50 list? Who made it on?

All these questions and more, only Brian can answer.

Derek Meister used to run reports and post them on his website, but they don’t look like they’ve been updated since March.

Meisters site lacked the handmade Koontz quality. The stats are dull without the extra zest provided by the knowledge that they had been labourously compiled by Koontz.

Actually, Brian would also supply commentary. He would theorize about why posts counts were similar and what could be said about relationships among members of the forum based on their use/post of the words ‘God’ and ‘shit’ and such.

My apologies for breaking the koontzbot.

I’ll remove Qstats[color=blue]*[/color] and maybe he’ll come back.

[color=blue]*[/color][size=2]The lack of updates stem from me writing new code to collect the data with far less Qt3 bandwidth being used, yet getting sidetracked by life while writing the code that processed the raw data into nicely formatted html pages.[/size]

It’d be a lot easier to write a stats page if you had read-only access to the database! A lot easier!


I’ve been meaning to make this thread for months.

HRose predicted this thread about 6 moths ago on his website.

Uhh… thanks…?