I need a cheap PCI-E Video card with mulitmonitor support

At work I finally… umm… acquired a 2nd 20" LCD, but my current videocard won’t support multimonitor.

So I want to find an inexpensive PCI Express videocard that will let me run dual-head. The LCDs will both support analog, so I would think that one which has one Analog and one Digital input would be fine.

It would be nice if it would kinda run games as I login to WoW every now and then, but that’s not the main concern.

Will any random card with a DVI and VGA output work? I don’t want to order one and have it not do what I need. Can anyone suggest one that would def. work?

TIA :)

All PCI-e cards that I’m aware of support two cards; most have two DVI connections, with an adapter for VGA.

An X300 or GeForce 6200 are really your only options.