I need a new pda phone

So I think I have finally out grown my sidekick 2 and am in the market for a new pda phone. I have been looking at a blackberry, treo, or samsung pda phone.

I really want a phone that will let me do nearly everything I want to do. I need to be able to surf the web, chat. Irc, and remote desktop. Other things that would be all kinds of kick ass to do would be streaming music and movies from the web ( I don’t even know if that’s possible yet ).

I am really just looking for some comments from people that might already have one of these phones that could lend some good advice.

Also another question I have is about verizon and their wireless data network. Is it really that much faster then the other networks? I would be willing to switch to verizon if it wasi like omfg fast but if its not really much faster I will prolly stick with t mobile.

I’ll prolly just end up selling this sidekick on ebay to help defer the costs of the new phone. So anythoughts?

PS this post was made from my sidekick on my way to the philly airport. I really travel enough to warrent the need for a pda phone. Thanks dudes and have a great weekend.

Verizon and Sprint’s new data networks are officially OMFG fast. Faster than any PDA is likely to be able to take full advantage of, even. They’re great.

The Verizon Treo 700w is reviewing well, but I just can’t hang with Windows Mobile. Love the underpinings, hate the user experience. You can hang out with me and wait around for the inevitable Palm 700p running PalmOS, which hopefully will be released on Sprint or Verizon so I can use their EVDO networks.

Also, I might take that Sidekick off your hands if you want to buy soon. I need one for a testbed.

Thanks for the info on the verizon data network I am going to have to take a hard look at it. I am really leaning towards the new 700w but it isn’t cheap at 500 bucks but it does everything I want and then some. The main problem I have with the 700w is the odd screen they put in the thing.

If I don’t get the 700w my next choice would be the 650 as I know its a pretty solid choice for a pda phone. I really wanna stick with the palm or windows os because of the millions of software choices out there for them.

I would go to a blackberry though if the price was right and it could do what I needed.

Also joel I will let you know about the sidekick if I plan to ebay it. Thanks for your help.

I prefer the new Blackberry 8700 over anything else currently on the market (I just sold my Treo 650). It has a refreshing purity of purpose that ultimately helps makes it a better phone, browser, and texter than the Treos (which it is in each case). Fast, with an amazing screen and superb speakerphone.

Yep, Verizon and Sprint’s EVDO networks are unbeatable. (Sprint’s EVDO coverage is still very basic.)

Treo 700W is nice. For web browsing and remote desktop (which you mention), the Samsung i730 is worth considering for its bigger, higher-res screen. Keyboard isn’t as nice as the Treo’s, but it works fine. The Palm OS isn’t a good option for remote desktop; just some flakey VNC ports. Plus the 240x240 screen is even more excruciating for remote work than the 240x320 found on non-Treo units.

I’m very happy with my Samsung i730. The only thing I’d change would be to add a VGA screen.

That said, apparently Buy.com has the Treo 700W for $99 after rebates/contract right now… (Haven’t seen the link, heard it in the hallway this morning.)

Yeah I see the Treo 700w from Buy.com for 99 after rebates and even before rebates its 299 which is a killer deal. The main problem I am having with verizon is the fact that they charge 44 bucks a month for their data plan. Thats 24 more then I pay now and really I am having a hard time justifying an 85 a month cell phone bill. I am sure the speed is great but damn if its not expensive.

Sprint PPC 6700.

My buddy has one and it’s awesome. I want one badly.


And Sprint’s EVDO network is f’in awesome.

I tested the 6700 and it’s a big factor in my ‘Windows Mobile 5 needs more user experience work’ belief.

I know this is like the UNIX guy being annoying in a thread about the difference between Win 95 and 98, but I’ve been very happy with a Dell Axiv x50v and a Motorolla v330 phone. I can log the axim on with the phone, or use wifi, and I can dock it with my PC so any contacts I add go to Outlook automatically. Plus if I want to get a new phone I don’t also need a PDA, and I don’t have to talk into a brick.
Why do you want them to be the same device?

Because, hard to believe, it’s actually more convienent to carry one device rather than two.

And the Sprint 6700 isn’t a brick. It’s actually pretty portable for a pda/phone. Not much larger than candy bar cell phones. Just a bit wider, but I’ve held one and I’m in love with it. The sound quality is crystal f’in clear too with Sprint’s service, especially compared to my crap Cingular Motorla phone.

If it’s not a brick then the screen is too damn small! <growls into beard>

Well I think I have decided to wait and go with Tmobile and get this when it comes out late next month.

After suffering the last straw with Cingular (craptacular phone with craptacular battery life with a tendency to disconnect me an average of 2-3 times during every 15 minute conversation with my friends), I bit the bullet on a Sprint 6700 on Saturday. I’ve only had it for two full days, and this is already the greatest hardware gadget I have ever bought.

I’m not kidding, this is the greatest phone ever. And Sprint’s data plan is frickin’ sweet at $15/month. The EVDO coverage is stellar in the two cities I’ve been in the past two days (West Coast and East Coast), and I’ve been surfing the web and sending off emails with ease everywhere I go. The phone is just awesome… simply, simply awesome.

Interesting the data plan is 15? I am paying 20 now for my sidekick plan but if Sprint is cheaper when I move I’ll switch.

the PPC 6700 is also available with Verizon as the VX6700. its functionally identical except for a few tweaks Verizon had made in the registry. Also, the Verizon is “all business” black, whereas the Sprint version is Silver. I’ve been eyeing the 6700 myself, so if you get it, please post a mini-review for us folks waiting in the wings.


I’m paying $35/month for the regular phone plan (I coulda done $30/month for 200 minutes, but for $5 more I get double the minutes)… data is another $15/month. Also paying $6/month for insurance on the phone, but it’s a $600 phone, and the insurance plan covers everything but theft, so it’s a no-brainer.

And I get a 15-percent discount on the plans, thanks to work.

Thats not bad at all. My Bill right now works out to be 60 a month with everything. I might just have to switch to sprint.

I’ve got a new job that requires a blackberry. Apparently, I’ll be issued a 7290 from Tmobile. I’m completely new to the blackberry world (never needed this sort of device before), but in anticipation, I was out comparing the available models and determined the 8700c from Cingular seems so much cooler.

Any blackberry users have any thoughts about these devices and what a newbie can expect?

I was out comparing the available models and determined the 8700c from Cingular seems so much cooler.

Yeah the 8700c is the new hotness.

I have a 7290 and I love it. The keyboard is much easier to use for me than the 8700, but the 8700 has a (much) better processor and supports MP3 ringtones. I don’t think there are many more differences.