I Need a New Vacuum Cleaner

Mine is terrible and older than Jeff Green. I’d rather not spend a ton on a new one, something maybe in the under $200 range. Any suggestions or recommendations?

We’ve got a Bissell upright we like a lot. Not heavy and it does a pretty good job. Bagless is nasty, though - we probably won’t be doing that again.

I paid $550 for my Dyson, but it was worth every penny.

Woot.com has refurb dysons every couple of weeks for $200-250.

I don’t have one myself, as I have an Ecuadoran woman named Cuntie (seriously) come by to clean my place and I’m not shelling out the cash for an ubervacuum for her, but I hear they’re by far the best available. I do have the little handheld mini-dyson for cleaning up spilled cheerios and such and it does a great job. Also, it looks like a sci-fi laser cannon.

You want a bagless one (Best Buy used for illustration purposes only). And if you have allergies, the HEPA ones do work, I have one.

The new Dyson Balls are pretty cool, if you don’t have a huge place, that might do well for ya.

— Alan

If you’re gonna get a new vacuum, spend whatever they’re asking for the good one.

It will be worth every penny.

Hoover Tempo Widepath.

Check those user reviews. Consumer Reports got a widepath a while back and liked it too.

Given the $80 price tag on mine (a bagless version), I could hardly believe that it would be any good. But I got one and it’s been fine for a year.

Yeah, I want a Dyson, but I’m under no illusions why: it’s because it looks cool.

We’re not stupid, Bill. We know vacuum cleaners weren’t invented early enough for that to be true.

Erin Cross, the 7th seed, having issues against her Chinese opponent in Epee. Not looking great (down 4 pts going into the 3rd).

— Alan

I also paid $500 for my Dyson, but it coincidentally disappeared when I broke up with my girlfriend a few years ago.


I got a DC14 Dyson from a coworker on the cheap and man does it get the job done. I would have gladly spent $400 on it if I wasn’t, you know, poor.

Roomba. It’s great for terrifying pets, plus you can do this to it.

There is only one type of vacuum cleaner, and it’s Dyson.

We get by just fine with this. If you look around, it’s easy to find for $120 or so.

There is just Roomba.

Everything else is like considering a new horse and cart when the rest of us drive cars.

Dysons cost more because they’re better vacuums. We went from a ~ 150 dollar bagless vacuum (Bissell, I think) to a Dyson, and it was worlds better. You’d be amazed (and disgusted) at the amount of dirt your 80 dollar vacuum misses.

There’s a reason why your vacuum was cheap.

Well, obviously, there are pros and cons. I just tend to make a mess emptying the thing, always leaving a little pile of dust when I put the dirt cup back in. There may be cleaners that aren’t as bad. Not buying bags is nice.

Dyson doesn’t win all the time.

I bought that Pivot and love it.

I come from the cheap single guy school of vacuum cleaner buying. I own a Hoover, it costs about a third of some of those Dyson’s, it doesn’t use bags because bags are expensive and a pain in the ass, and it works. It might not pull those super-micro-sized things out of the carpet that a Dyson does but it cleans well enough for me. Besides I don’t sleep on the carpet.

If I owned a gajillion bedroom home with carpet everywhere, sure, a Dyson might make sense.