I need arcade controllers. Two sticks, BIG ONES!

If you happen to only need a single stick I saw this yesterday:

– Xaroc

Is this really the first time you’ve heard of the X-Arcade Jakub? I thought you ran a hardware site? ;-)

Seriously, it’s been around for over a year now and covered just about everywhere. I covered it for PCUpgrade back in mid 2002 and that’s not even a gaming mag!

I had to send it back though. I’ve been thinking about getting a new one… just for Robotron 2084.

I was going to pick up two of the single stick x-arcade controllers, but I’ll try out the SC2 one first, to see if it’ll do. Save myself some $$$.

There’s also the HotRod SE:


I have no experience with either this controller or the X-Arcade.

Xarcade licensed the design from Hanaho. They apparently use the same stick mechanism and buttons, from the same supplier - which is incidentally the same folks capcom use - and the only difference is in the logic board that they’re using. Hence the Hotrod sticks use a PS2 adapter (PC Keyboard) and the Xarcade have a serial output that you can “adapterize” for whatever console. The Hanaho is not a directX stick, but rather uses hard-coded keyboard output codes.

We don’t really cover game controllers. Why? No interest in them =/ I mean, there was a lot of interest in mice b/c we’re a quake-ish kinda site, but joysticks? Fat chance.

Sad to say… that’s a really good point Jakub.

Just out of curiosity… is anyone shameless enough to admit to knowing what movie I spoofed the topic title from?

what’s that Claw thingy? it looks pretty gnarly, is it any good?

I use a Claw. It’s pretty good. It could be improved on, I’m not completely happy with the buttons. However, after getting used to it, it is still a huge improvement over left-hand keyboard for extended play sessions.