I Need Help With My Personality

HAW HAW ok retarded jokes aside, I actually do need help.

My current job requires me to become hot and heavy with Highline Personality 2000, some queer-ass XL-based abortion used in payroll and other moribund HR-related shtuff. It’s horrid and less user-friendly than a hooker with all her orifices sewn shut. I-it doesn’t even let you right-click to Copy or Paste! I have to use CTRL-C and V, por la gracia de chingado.

Anydingle, my current User’s Manual is an index card with 10 cryptic explanations for 10 even more cryptic 4-letter codes for various directives (or whatever, I’m dumber than DeepT when it comes to explaining this stuff, I can’t believe my work pays me to do things). Meanwhile, God knows how many other directives there are (many of which I need to know about), plus tabs and blah blah blah anyway, my Gewgle Foo is lame and I keep getting retarded psychology articles when I try to find a downlodable user’s manual for this stupid program. Any assistance would be appreciated! Big ups to my homies!

Here’s the webpage for the company, at least, who would appear to be located in Markham, Ontario - www.highlinecorp.com. You could probably email 'em for a manual.

Trying to get an abstract idea across? Not so easy is it?

Sounds like AS/400, which I’ve grown to love. There’s something about using a computer for hours at a time without touching a mouse. The only downside is that I’m continually hitting CTRL on my home Windows machine.

I wish there was a free AS/400 clone that you could run in Windows in Linux with popular apps, like Office/Open Office, Firefox/Opera, Outlook/Thunderbird, etc. That would be sweet.

As it was meant to be.

madkevin answered my question with the second post, so…I dunno, it’s tough to say!

Ugh, I have had to work with AS-400 on a couple audits. It makes my brain cringe. If I used it every day, I am sure my feelings would be different.

Well, I realized I’m very much a pushover. I grew up a good boy who behaved in school and did what all adults told me to. I recently realized what I wanted to change is learning how to say no. Standing up and making a fuzz over people cutting in line is a big accomplishment for me. Telling people they are being racists and getting into fights in the street is something I’m somehow proud of.

This is why I look up to you BillG that I’ve never met. You’re an asshole who’s not being an asshole to me. You are a totem I can use as a model of self-righteousness. Don’t change.