I need my Blues News!

With Blues News down for the day, where the hell do I go now for generic PC game news? I used to go to Evil Avatar a couple years back before it started to suck (read: before they started covering consoles and Evil’s Rent-a-cop training). And then I tried that Gametabs(??) place but that just sorta fizzled. Hmm, where to now?

Shacknews is also pretty good.

Warcry.com has the news essentials. I hate their MMORPG specific sites, but the general news site pretty much covers everything and is not too bad.

I’m a shacknews regular. But then again, most of the appeal is the comments for me.

I have an undeveloped sit, which I have been considering making a general catch-all news site. I was an avid reader of Homlan. Even though I only do MMO’s, I do catch a ton of news on everything else.

So, my question back is, what do folks want from a general gaming news site? I feel I’d have to stick to PC’s as I don’t do any of the consoles. There are thousands of console sites as well.


Does anybody else ever visit Gameguru Mania? I first checked it out when it was on the Box network four or five years ago, and it was pretty okay I guess. I went there a few months ago and it’s really transformed itself into a fine website. The reviews are slightly above blog level, but the news is very well done.

Pimp talk.

yes we all miss billy wilson

It was up yesterday and it’s still up today. Are you sure it went down?

Bumped for potential.

Blue was having the electrical system in his house worked on yesterday, Bluesnews wasn’t updated until his power was turned back on in the afternoon. It was only a temporary thing.

Well with gametab you pretty much get everything.

— Alan

Second that notion. I can’t remember the last time I actually went to a gaming news site by any means other than following a Gametab link.