I need to hire someone who can think for Microsoft

That’s what the vendor classification is for.

Mira, it really depends on the team. There’s all sorts of mixes of FTE/overseas/local contractors, and then you get down into vendors vs. contingent, and it just makes your head hurt.

My current team (as of noon, at least), is allocated for 1/4/2/4 lead/fte/contractor/overseas, plus some miscellaneous overseas quasi-leads and coordinators floating around.

I think we’ve finally figured out why Windows is full of security holes. The testers have better technical skills than the coders.[/quote]

A good tester is worth X good coders, where X is around 4. IMNSHO hoho.


Is that what you actually mean? I usually get a compiler to compile code…

Well, if you can parse and generate in your head, we should talk…


Not really. By not really I mean not at all.

I mean I guess if you end up in some of the emerging groups (xbox, and I hear eHome is pretty cool) you’ll kind of have that youthful corporate culture thing going. But the majority of MS (Windows, Office, DevDiv) is pretty much a normal giant software company now. Think IBM.


How unfortunate.

Yeah, they spent money on professors instead, so the max class size was 18, even for 100-level core classes.

Wasn’t that the deal in the late 90s when there were options? I was contracting back then, but I do remember the bust around April 2000 and hearing thirty year old people whine about NOT BEING ABLE TO RETIRE IN FIVE MORE YEARS. Ha, ha, ha!

What are the odds of getting to stay in North Carolina instead of trying to sell my new house? I’d telecommute, sure!

You should see the insanity I support every day! The sick part is I really like it.

No chance of telecommuting, unfortunately.

Unless you are already in Bopal!

Oooh, aren’t you saucy!

Oh, in case anyone’s wondering, I don’t ask those inane puzzle questions…

Saucy? Didn’t you say earlier that your team is primarily made up of international people?

I’d like to congratulate Tactu, Microsoft’s newest hire (for the next 5 minutes).

But he’s only made 44 posts! How can you hire someone who has only made 44 posts!?

Oh oh! Hire me! I can do that. I’ll tell people that stink that they need to sit in the corner, so others can concentrate on their job better. And when managers are feeling blue, they can come talk to me and we’ll get a beer or something. And I’ll paint the walls a strange intellectual blue color and practice feng shui techniques on your offices. And then you and I will get a beer together and talk about it, but I don’t drink much, so you would get my beer too!

Did it really take you that long to hire, Jason? Wow.

Yay Huong!

Yeah, we take our sweet time. :)