I need to lose myself in a game for a couple of days

OK, I’ve just moved to Ohio, and I’ve been doing all the moving stuff, and it sucks, and I’m tired and strung out (fatigue, not drugs; the drugs are working fine). I’m going to take the weekend off, for the most part (excepting minor unpacking). So name some games new, recent, or old, that have allowed you to just lose yourself in them. I’m thinking games like X-Com or Gothic 2. Games where you play and forget you’ve been playing for a few hours until you glance at the clock. It doesn’t matter if I’ve played it before, so I won’t list every game I’ve played. I’m just looking for either immersion or just one more turn/mission type games. PC or console is fine. I can put off my gaming until next week and Gamefly or order a new game if necessary.

How about some HoI2 with expansions? Or the latest Heroes of Might and Magic with expansions? There is a thread resurgence for Space Rangers 2 as well, and several other turn based games come to mind too if you need more.

If an older game is okay, why not some Fallout 1+2 so you’re prepped and ready for 3 this year.

EDIT: Save yourself a trip to the store. Check out either Steam, Stardock, or GamersGate.


Diablo 2, DOTA on Warcraft 3, Crimsonland,
Alien Shooter: Vengeance(retarded name, but really get you into the mood of slaughtering millions of poor little aliens).

Civilization 4. I spent about 5 hours just yesterday playing a single game of this.

Civ 4 is fantastic for that. Oblivion, too.

How is this substantially different from a “List your favorite games” thread? I’d be hard pressed to think of any good game that I couldn’t play for hours on end if so inclined.

I like Kingdom of Kroz.


Because there are lots of games that are fun but you can only play them for a short while. For example, I can’t play RTS games for very long. It’s too frantic. They can still be fun. FPS are another genre. I’m thinking more TBS and RPG here, most likely, though certain shoot-em-ups would work. Something you can play all day without getting too burned out. Civ and Oblivion are great suggestions, actually. I think I uninstalled both, but I can reinstall.

Oh yeah! Didn’t someone mention this one a bit back?


Maybe Age of Conan would fit the bill, too. MMORPGs certainly have this effect.

Medieval Total War 2 (esp. the expansion) will have you one-more-turn-one-more-battle-ing all the way till 3 in the morning.

I guess the games I’ve lost the most sleep to recently would have to be:

Civilization IV (can’t mention TBS without this)
Sins of a Solar Empire (yes it’s an RTS but stately, not frantic)
SimCity Socieities (nothing like a city builder to chill away some hours)
Medieval: Total War 2 (patched up enough to be good, TBS empire managment with visceral RTS battles)
Sword of the Stars (1/2 MOO, 1/2 Homeworld)
Space Rangers 2 (great top down space trader)

It all depends on what you’re looking for I guess.

Rollercoaster Tycoon

Does fortified beer count as a game?

Mount & Blade

I just started playing again recently after the latest beta came out, it is an even more wonderfully addictive game with every release.

Just lose yourself in STALKER.

I’ve heard that WoW game can be a time sink.

For me, recently, I have felt this way with Diablo 2 and MGS2.

I haven’t played it myself but you’re right Robert. There were a few people here that really enjoyed Fantasy Wars.


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Heroes of Might and Magic 3