I need two more XBox 360 controllers just for You Don't Know Jack - options?

We like playing You Don’t Know Jack and would like to play with 4 people, each with their own controller. However, that is the only game where we have felt the need for an extra two controllers (I have two now.)

I hate to spend the money for a full controller when all I want is something to play this game - are there better options (cheaper but not break in two months cheap) than just buying the standard controllers?

YDKJ works fine with the Scene-It controllers, so when I had the same problem I bought a game-and-four-controllers bundle from Amazon for $27. I’ve never even cracked open the game in the bundle, but the controllers work fine for YDKJ. Since they’re officially supported, the game UI even adjusts to handle the different controller setup.

Way better and cheaper than buying two extra full controllers.

Definitely get the Scene-It controllers. They work great and the Scene-It game is pretty decent as a bonus.

Or you could just play against me on XBL.