I need your help for writing a preview!

I’m working on a preview for Legends of Eisenwald. It is a scenario based game. The beta ships with 1 scenario and I’ve been told it should take about 5 hours to complete. Instead of dryly talking about the features I was going to narrate some of my experiences in the scenario, but this will reveal what is going on in the scenario. Of course the player make may some different choices that will have an effect on how it plays out. The game itself will ship with about 5 other stand alone scenarios and 1 longer campaign, so there will be plenty more than this scenario in the beta.

So if you were planning on playing the game, would you mind reading a preview that talked about one of the scenarios revealing how it plays out?


Hell yeah, go for it.

Just put a spoiler warning front and centre as you begin your preview and let the reader/viewer make the decision as to whether they want to continue.

Thanks to those who voted. I did a compromise. I have a section that is mainly narrative that I started with a spoiler warning. Then I have another section where I fill in some of the details of the game without talking about scenario specifics. The spoilers really only affect a small part of the beginning portion of the one scenario.

Seconded - this sounds like a solid choice.

Look forward to reading your preview, robc04!

In fact I couldn’t think of a better way to preview a game than to do that, kind of like a mini Let’s Play.

Also looking forward to seeing the preview, I’m intrigued by the Disciples 2 combat.

I’m waiting on a couple answers to some questions from the devs before I publish the preview. I did have a couple crashing issues and couldn’t complete the main quest. Not sure if I missed something or if the crashing prevented me from completing something necessary. I definitely experienced enough of the game to preview it.