I Played This Indie Game and You Should Too!

I played the demo for about 2 hours. I like the pixelie adventure stuff and the resource management, but I agree the real time battles … maybe I just didn’t get them as well.

Not sure if this is the thread for this, as it’s not out yet (even in early access), but there’s an RPG coming out in March that I’ve had my eye on for a couple months, Outward. Billed as a ‘realistic’ fantasy RPG, meaning that that it has some survival aspects, encumbrance and inventory work differently than most of these things, stamina and rest works a bit different, etc.- but most importantly (to me) you explicitly aren’t any sort of a Chosen One or Dragonborne or any such crap. You’re just an average dude wandering around doing stuff. Sure, there’s quests and whatnot, but you aren’t the lowly farmer off to save the world because of a prophecy or anything- I think the game starts with your family in debt, necessitating you needing to head off into the wide world to make money or something. Oh, yeah, and it’s fully co-op with another player- split-screen even! It really looks somewhere between Gothic/Skyrim/survival crafter.

I just watched an IGN vid talking about some of this stuff, and it looks neat.

I can’t believe they did the entire video in split screen. I’ll never play it that way, so don’t make me watch a video from that terrible perspective.

It’s kind of annoying that it’s high fantasy and cartoony. I’m right in the middle of Kingdom Come: Deliverance so I’d prefer something more like that for a “realistic” RPG.

I didn’t mind the cartoon style. To each his own.

I’ve seen a few more videos now, too- it seems they did a big press push this last week. One video was the Xbox version… with someone just having a camera trained on his TV the whole time. WTF? Mixer/Twitch is a thing.

They talked about death, though- when you die the game looks at how you died and randomly assigns one of its ‘death scenarios’- so for example, get killed by bandits? You wake up in their prison mine and have to get out. Get killed in a particular region? A hermit who lives in that region finds your body and nurses you back to health. Seems neat.

Of course, the whole thing could get really tedious, really quick.

Well, it’s done:


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There are still too many indie games.

Bullshit. I submit there are NOT ENOUGH, sir.

Hope no one minds a re-title to clarify things around here.

I dislike capitalized thread titles, but overall it’s an improvement!

Yay! The Indie game thread I followed is back!

(I’m still a few months behind on the probably thread).

There are really just too many games in total but yeah the daily 100s of them are indie.

Like the new title!

I need people to look at my indie game backlog and tell me what games to play, heh.

What if you played an indie game but do not recommend it… You can’t post it hear because you don’t think other people should play it. Do you have a thread for that???

The Games category can no longer contain the universe of indie games discussion!

More people should play Huntdown, it’s one of the best of that type of game I played in a long time. Seems seriously overlooked at the moment.

We can just change it to: You Should or Shouldn’t Too!

I always figured that’s what the Probably thread was for. For reporting back on potentially good indie games, and then once it’s confirmed that they are really worth playing, you post in this thread. If they’re not, you report back in the Probably thread with the sad news.