I Played This Indie Game and You Should Too!

This was in the big itch mega charity bundle for BLM, I believe. And maybe also the Palestine aid one too. In case people picked those up.

Oooooh! Thank you for this. I’ve been looking for games to play with my 4 year old ever since we finished “The Gunk” together. Whenever he sees me on the computer now, he wants to play with me, but he says “All Done The Gunk”.

Also, A Short Hike was given away as one of the free Epic Games, I believe. So I think I already own it.

Slime Rancher perhaps is another option? :)

Started playing it and couldn’t let it down. I didn’t like some of the esthetic effects, but thankfully the game let you turn those off individually.
This is the Dark Souls we, Deflektor fans, had been waiting for!

Truly it is. Gets especially “tough-but-fair” in the final sections! Hope you enjoy it!

I wonder if I own this as part of any bundles?

I believe you might, but it might require you to actually download a game from that charity bundle!

Awwww crap. I guess I’ll give that a try. Just for this one game though!


Oh ho ho! It’s brilliant! The game does a really good job with accessibility because almost everything has its own distinct shape which actually helps more than the colour sometimes. Also: options to disable things :) I wanted all that glitchy goodness! The soundtrack is fantastic too. Some of the later puzzles are so sooo satisfying. Enjoy! Keep us updated on your progress.

I am steadily progressing, and have to pull myself away from a game, which is always a good sign.
I have been overthinking a lot of problems lately, like I did when playing Baba is You. I hope eventually that overthinking will come into play, unlike in the other game… although I’m scared at the prospect of a game-wide metapuzzle. Why am I kidding myself, it’s bound to happen, why the map navigation otherwise!

Oh right. I should navigate that horrible bundle interface and download SOLAS 128.

I’m on it!

EDIT: Wow, that was fast. The process is a lot less painful if you don’t have their app installed and just go through the website and know exactly what you want to download.

Absolutely. That app is a nightmare.

But maybe it isn’t? I searched for “nightmare” and Itch’s launcher says “nothing to see here” with a very straight face.

You found the search window?! :O

I found one of two! I haven’t seen what happens from the other, because now it feels like a horror movie beat.

Don’t go into that edit box!

I stumbled across this on itch.io:

You can play it in your browser and it’s only a few minutes long but pretty damn amusing. Not what you’d expect either…

Lol! That was a fun 5 minutes. Nice find.

Giant update for Raft and it has left early access! One of my favorite water-based survival games outside of Subnautica.

Oh, interesting. I’m not normally a survival game person but this has been on my radar for a while. Might have to wait until I dip back into Grounded to see how that turned out.