I Played This Indie Game and You Should Too!

There’s a new PvE special event launched in the game today where you can play against AI teams hand-crafted by the Devs and win prizes for beating them.

The challenges are designed to be thought of more like puzzles, where you lose repeatedly as you work out how to construct the right deck to counter the players in the Dev teams.

I beat the first level 147-135 with a heavy “bonus” scoring team made up of:

Darius Garland
Patty Mills
Jayson Tatum
Tyler Herro
Devonte Graham
_ _
Jose Alvarado
JD Davison
Amir Coffey
Kemba Walker
Caleb Martin
Nikola Jovic
Vit Krejci

The majority of these players are Speed based, which made them a bad match against the AI’s Skill team, so I’m guessing the first round is meant to be easy.

I’m having so much fun with this game. You don’t have to guess at things like sight lines or noise, it pretty much gives you all the information you need.

This is good, but I’ve ran into a few small things in the first few levels where I’m stumped and have to ask questions.

On the 2nd mission, it says to “bring two nailers” and there is no nailer in the game. I asked and apparently it’s a translation issue and it actually means crowbar.

For the 3rd mission, it says I need to have a drill but I can’t find one anywhere (there was one on the previous mission that I dropped b/c of weight) and apparently you can’t go back to a previous mission?

The mechanics are sound and it takes some thinking to get through the levels.

You should be able to buy a drill at the tool merchant in the slums.

Yes, I found that after getting stumped. The tool merchant wasn’t available previously (the building was showing on the map, but no indication of what it was).

I’m having a hard time with the commandant’s house. The maid’s patterns aren’t discernable. I watched a youtube video and there seems to be some trick that more advanced people know on how to avoid people. I hide in corners and they spot me, in this video, the guy literally just stands in certain spots and goes unnoticed, even when the maid walks literally inches from them.

As long as you keep out of their sight lines, and you don’t make noise in range, they shouldn’t detect you. Turning off lights also helps. Also, if you hold the left mouse on them (or anyone) and then choose the magnify icon, it shows you where their waypoints are. When they are on the move, the waypoint they are currently moving to is highlighted.

Why is there no mention of Webbed on this forum? Does that mean I have to be the one to tell you that I Played This Indie Game and You Should Too (probably)?

It’s a game about being a spider, and you do spider things, like creeping about; jumping; spinning lots of webs for movement and fly-catching; rescuing baby spiders; using leaves as parachutes; shooting lasers from your eyes; helping the ant colony construct their Mecha-Ant by solving a variety of physics puzzles where you drag things around, using your webbing as support, to ultimately forge and construct the Mecha; skateboarding to win stickers; making a stick ‘n’ web suspension bridge that can take the load of two dung beetles whilst wearing a yellow hard hat that the ants gave you for helping build their Mecha; Riding a hot air balloon to the magical cloud in the sky to rescue your boyfriend-spider from the evil bird, and the balloon is constructed from an old moth hive thing that you have to strap to a dung-burning engine provided to you by the ants, all overseen by the princess bee incase you fall off mid-flight.

You know, typical spider stuff.

It’s a beautifully animated 2d game, has very robust spidery physics, but most of all it’s just pure fun. There’s a bug chorus-line for the finale, because that kind of thing is fun.

More games need to be like this! Though perhaps about other topics, not just spiders. This game has that one covered. (Though you can switch it from spiders into blob-bugs if you want)

I remember someone recommending Webbed time ago. Possibly it was you :P

Woah, weird. I just played through Webbed over a couple late nights last week!

It’s delightful! I was surprised by how good I got at web-slinging by the end–although I would never ever say I mastered it. But the game was pretty good at letting you get by with a lot of wild fumbling. (With the exception of a couple bits in dung-land.)

It’s really kind of a master class in character movement and control.

And it feel like a typical puzzle-platformer until you realize just how much you can do by constructing webs. You can basically build your own platforms almost anywhere, at any angle.

I still have a lot of stickers to earn. And WTF!?–I didn’t get an adorable construction hat! What gives??

Did you use the controller or mouse? I started controller as I like the analogue movement, but I found aiming hard, so I switch to mouse. With the mouse I was able to quickly make much more impressive webs, though the aiming is a bit weird from the anchor point.

I agree! It felt very spider-like. It reminded me a lot of the slugcat game, where the 2d fauna animates in that IK way and smoothly moves between all of the branches and things.

The engineering sticker you get from the ants. If you use it, you get a hat. If you use all of the stickers you can get hats or transform into different spiders.

Oh, maybe I didn’t realize that you can use the stickers.

I played with the controller, I think after trying mouse and keyboard briefly and it just felt more like a controller game. But I imagine mouse is much better for aiming webs.

I think it definitely is a controller game. The second anchor point for the webs is clearly intended to be used in a circular fashion, as if you were using an analogue stick. Plus, I think it’s on Switch (it’s a very Switch game!) so that might be the primary platform. Edit: Nope, it was on Switch after Steam :D

ps, did you post about the game on here before? I’m not sure how I found out about it. I assume I just saw it on sale on the Steam store somehow when I bought it on 19th Apr, 2023.

For the rest of you, here’s a nice video:

I definitely had been following the game since it came out, and probably mentioned it around here somewhere. It was just always a little expensive for what I knew was a short game (and I was unemployed for several months).

Jesus. Getting the switch controllers on the side to slide onto the center is NOT as easy as that video makes it look. False advertising!

I picked up Swordship just before the Summer Sale started for some score-chasing with friends and it’s just been an absolute blast.

Few games manage to get me into a ‘flow state’ but this did alongside the likes of Ecstatic, Doom Eternal and Rollerdrome. The cool thing with Swordship is that it’s all defence and survival so you have to use enemy attacks against themselves while ducking and diving (literally). Everything is well telegraphed, attack patterns are varied and the whole thing is super slick and clean.

My favourite element though is the risk/reward system of depositing collected containers for points vs keeping them for extra lives and a choice of upgrades. That’s just devilishly delicious, especially with the threat of the tough finale looming in the distance. I just beat the ‘normal’ mode (it’s short but still tough while you learn) which has opened up the leaderboard, expert difficulty and added a bunch of twists which I’m really excited about.

I don’t think this gets enough love:

Nice recommendation. I run out of patience with arcade experiences, usually, and this was no exception, but I’m certain there are a lot of folks around here who would enjoy Swordship a lot.

Yeah, I’m wondering how long my brother will last with it for the same reason!

I also wanted to note that it’s wonderful on the Steam Deck; it controls beautifully, looks and runs great and doesn’t eat my battery for breakfast.

I just finished playing Treasures of the Aegean, and it was a delight. I think 6-8 hours overall, with me doing 90% of the stuff that seemed doable. It’s back on sale. Thanks for the recommendation, @Nightgaunt!

YES, so glad you liked it! Definitely a great deal right now during the sale!

I picked up The Wild Eight for $1.00 as a Fanatical Star deal a couple days ago (I posted the deal in the Bargain Thread as well, I hope folks took advantage). I started playing the day after I purchased.

Wild Eight is essentially what would happen if the dev teams from The Long Dark and Don’t Starve got together to binge watch Lost and a few key episodes of the X-Files then decided to make a game afterwards. You choose one of eight ready made plane crash survivors, each with a special skill set, and try to survive the Alaskan wilderness in winter while also looking for anything that might help you get rescued or get back to civilization. Along the way you’ll battle the elements and the wildlife while discovering locations and encounters ranging from the mundane to the mysterious including things like secret bunkers, werewolves and more.

I’m only a few hours in, and I restarted twice already as I learned the UI and system, but so far it’s pretty entertaining. I’ve got the basics of survival down (stay warm, stay fed, stay healthy), have allocated skill points to improve my character, have built and upgraded a shelter, workshop and smelter, and have discovered a radio tower and the bunker that has become my home base. I’m now working on gathering enough resources to upgrade my equipment and build up my food stores so that I can venture out further from the bunker and investigate the power lines to see where they may lead.

It’s a very task oriented game, you’re always doing something, but at least in these early stages the rewards for staying on task are nice and nothing feels too grindy because you’re always on the path to some sort of upgrade or discovery. The bunker and other weird locations (and sounds, and creatures) give the whole thing a fun mystery vibe to go alongside the survival one, and so far it’s a lot of fun.