I Played This Indie Game and You Should Too!

My sense of time is probably distorted. But also, I found I never did as well as my first post-tutorial game, because the obstacles get more disruptive as you progress. So your first run could very well be your longest.

I definitely like it though. Seems quite clever. Your minesweeper analogy is surprisingly apt (given the lack of numbers, bombs, etc)

I think you’ve hit on it. I played the demo a couple hours yesterday. Did the tutorial, but the first couple games after that were pretty frustrating. Then I sussed out the strategies you mentioned and I had some pretty good runs, including “winning “the demo, which consist of hitting the 90% explored on two zones.

I enjoyed this a lot more than I thought I would.

I got to the point where I had to select a second zone, then went to watch some of the hockey game that was rapidly unfolding without me 🤣

It was dicey getting to that point. Thought I was stuck, because I really needed boars/bees to reach different spots and that’s when I realized how to finagle some things.

One other possible pro tip: if you run a boar out 5 spaces, you won’t be able to reach it with a deer, so there may be times you only want to go 4 spaces if possible.

Why is there no mention of Webbed on this forum? Does that mean I have to be the one to tell you that I Played This Indie Game and You Should Too (probably)?

It’s a game about being a spider, and you do spider things, like creeping about; jumping; spinning lots of webs for movement and fly-catching; rescuing baby spiders; using leaves as parachutes; shooting lasers from your eyes; helping the ant colony construct their Mecha-Ant by solving a variety of physics puzzles where you drag things around, using your webbing as support, to ultimately forge and construct the Mecha; skateboarding to win stickers; making a stick ‘n’ web suspension bridge that can take the load of two dung beetles whilst wearing a yellow hard hat that the ants gave you for helping build their Mecha; Riding a hot air balloon to the magical cloud in the sky to rescue your boyfriend-spider from the evil bird, and the balloon is constructed from an old moth hive thing that you have to strap to a dung-burning engine provided to you by the ants, all overseen by the princess bee incase you fall off mid-flight.

You know, typical spider stuff.

It’s a beautifully animated 2d game, has very robust spidery physics, but most of all it’s just pure fun. There’s a bug chorus-line for the finale, because that kind of thing is fun.

More games need to be like this! Though perhaps about other topics, not just spiders. This game has that one covered. (Though you can switch it from spiders into blob-bugs if you want)

I remember someone recommending Webbed time ago. Possibly it was you :P

Woah, weird. I just played through Webbed over a couple late nights last week!

It’s delightful! I was surprised by how good I got at web-slinging by the end–although I would never ever say I mastered it. But the game was pretty good at letting you get by with a lot of wild fumbling. (With the exception of a couple bits in dung-land.)

It’s really kind of a master class in character movement and control.

And it feel like a typical puzzle-platformer until you realize just how much you can do by constructing webs. You can basically build your own platforms almost anywhere, at any angle.

I still have a lot of stickers to earn. And WTF!?–I didn’t get an adorable construction hat! What gives??

Did you use the controller or mouse? I started controller as I like the analogue movement, but I found aiming hard, so I switch to mouse. With the mouse I was able to quickly make much more impressive webs, though the aiming is a bit weird from the anchor point.

I agree! It felt very spider-like. It reminded me a lot of the slugcat game, where the 2d fauna animates in that IK way and smoothly moves between all of the branches and things.

The engineering sticker you get from the ants. If you use it, you get a hat. If you use all of the stickers you can get hats or transform into different spiders.

Oh, maybe I didn’t realize that you can use the stickers.

I played with the controller, I think after trying mouse and keyboard briefly and it just felt more like a controller game. But I imagine mouse is much better for aiming webs.

I think it definitely is a controller game. The second anchor point for the webs is clearly intended to be used in a circular fashion, as if you were using an analogue stick. Plus, I think it’s on Switch (it’s a very Switch game!) so that might be the primary platform. Edit: Nope, it was on Switch after Steam :D

ps, did you post about the game on here before? I’m not sure how I found out about it. I assume I just saw it on sale on the Steam store somehow when I bought it on 19th Apr, 2023.

For the rest of you, here’s a nice video:

I definitely had been following the game since it came out, and probably mentioned it around here somewhere. It was just always a little expensive for what I knew was a short game (and I was unemployed for several months).

Jesus. Getting the switch controllers on the side to slide onto the center is NOT as easy as that video makes it look. False advertising!

Considering the frustration of me spending several days trying to troubleshoot what I didn’t even know was a bug, and getting zero help, I think I was pretty gracious once the developers told me I was out of luck and would have to restart my game.

But fuck you for taking a conversation I had on the Steam discussion forum and using it as an opportunity to insult me in a thread I wouldn’t even have seen. Except that I thought it might be cool to separate out the discussion about Growth so I could participate.

But given your bullshit, I have no desire to do that. Enjoy the discussion, asshole!

EDIT: Old man yelling at clouds, indeed! :) Man, was having a bad day. I’ll leave that up for posterity, but my sincere apologies to anyone who had to read it, and especially to @misguided for being on the receiving end when he didn’t deserve it.

What just happened? Did we briefly have dedicated Webbed and Growth threads and then get them… undedicated?

Shame about your bugged run, @tomchick. Does sound frustrating, since it was hard to tell what was wrong. On the surface, having to abandon a run isn’t that bad in a short run-based thing, but at the same time, it is reasonable to have doubts about whether bugs might plague your future runs. For what it’s worth, I haven’t run into any bugs that I can recall–certainly not of that magnitude–in any of my several sessions.

I thought the devs were gracious about it, too. It is a dev team of two. I am not arguing that they therefore aren’t responsible for the robustness of their game, but personally I cut them a little slack, given their resources. They’re also less than a week past launch.

Tom, my intent was not to insult you. Sincere apologies. I just stumbled across your post and thought it was rather humorous in a way only you can be.

I had pulled them out, but I put them back. I’m honestly not sure whether I’m messing up the discussion or helping it by pulling out chunks for their own threads, but in the future, I’ll leave it up to y’all. If you feel conversations are big enough for their own threads, just give me a heads-up and I’ll take care of it. Otherwise, you’ve all been using Discourse long enough to know how to make your own threads. : )

And for anyone reading this thread, please see my edit two posts up.

Horror visual novel that dropped today from the people who are doing Scarlet Hollow (also recommended and available in a bundle with this one). Unsettling but also quite funny. Extremely meta and there’s a lot more going on than the summary might lead one to expect (and that’s considering it’s so short as to lead you to expect there’s more to it). Narrator (and I think most of the other male voices) is Jonathan Sims of the Magnus Archives podcast. I’ve put a couple hours in and I clearly have a lot more to explore as I’ve hit six achievements (associated with key events/choices) and there are 97!

Here’s a little highlight of the IGF: 20 Small Mazes. Not released yet, but that’s what wishlists are for!

They are indeed some pretty good mazes! And the overall presentation and little mazey gimmicks (like the main menu maze) are icing on the cake.

Lunacid left early access today, TurinTur. :)

The also dev talked about the project on the YT channel The Crawl this week if you’re interested to hear more.

Wait, it’s first person and like a FROM game? How does that work? I wouldn’t think FROM software type combat would work in first person.