I really enjoy The Great North (animated, Fox)

Nick Offerman, Will Forte, Dulce Sloan, Alanis Morissette. This show is way better than I was expecting.

I think one of the reasons I stopped enjoying Home Movies and Bob’s Burgers as much is that everything kind of stays static which grows frustrating after a while. So perhaps I’ll feel the same way after the first season of this show. But so far I love the episodes and backgrounds on the characters and I’ve just been laughing so hard at some of the jokes.

Thanks for posting this. I will check it out.

Also added this to the queue, didn’t realize the cast was so good. I devour anything Nick Offerman.

I’ve only caught a couple eps, but I do think it’s great.

I just started watching this and it’s another delightful show. If you’ve watched a comedy in the last ten years, you’ll recognize so many voices!

It’s got:
Nick Offerman
Jenny Slate
Will Forte
Megan Mullally
Alan is Morissette (really!)
Ron Funches
Phil LaMarr
Andrew Daly
J.K. Simmons (really!)
Chelsea Peretti

And tons of others.

Very well done.

Oh and season 2 starts Sept 26 I think.

Yay! I love this show so much. I even kept watching it in reruns.

I love that Hulu remembers everything I’ve seen, even from over multiple years ago, unlike Netflix, and HBO Max.

Apparently I didn’t watch all of Season 1 last time. Two episodes aired after I thought the season was over. Subscribing to Hulu again is such a treasure trove of stuff!

Wait a minute, this isn’t Bob and Doug McKenzie? What a ripoff!

Unlike Season 1, Season 2 is actually a full network season! I’m still loving it. The Christmas episode, in particular, was such a hoot and so delightful. I guess since I made it past that, I’m now on the episodes that aired on Fox in 2022.

This has just shown up on Disney+ here. Is it actually the Bob’s Burgers creators? The art style looks very similar.

I have been catching up. This is one of those shows that I forget how much I enjoy until I watch it. I love the tone and the setting. I don’t laugh out loud, but I have a genuine smile on my face.

Writers from Bob’s Burgers according to Wikipedia.