I Robot (The Wil Smith edition) ending question

This is all about the ending, so if for some reason you don’t want to be spoil a 2 year old movie, hit the back button now.

Ok, I’ve never watched I Robot and tonight, I caught the last 10 minutes of it on HBO waiting for Six Feet Under to air. From the info on the web, Wil Smith plays a robot hating detective and at the time I caught the film, the robots have gone nuts. Big action thingys happen and the day is saved. I have one question. Was Wil Smith a robot? (yes one could argue that in real life he is infact a robot…) One minute it looks like his arm is damaged and robot guts are inside, the next, he is fine, just a bit bloody. Was this brough up earlier in the movie? Was is just thrown in there to say “hey look we can by spooky like Blade Runner too…”? Or did I just saw the wrong things?

he is part robot. His arm got blown off and the DR that made the robots fixed him… kinda like robocop except not so extreme.

It’s been awhile since I saw it, but I think he’d previously lost an arm in an accident and received an experimental robotic replacement, a la Luke Skywalker’s hand in the Star Wars movies.

Yep, there’s a cute scene in the beginning of the movie where he’s working on some mental therapy in dealing with the arm.

That’s also the point in the movie where I’m proven to be the coolest geek in the world: He goes and picks out his “vintage” black converse shoes. Just like I’ve worn for years. That’s right: I’m as cool as a character in a Will Smith movie.

Yeah, and he makes a point with it, how the robot rescuers chose him over a little girl, because his survivability percentage was higher.

The film didn’t completely suck, incidentally. But it did suck just enough to make it a summer blockbuster also-ran.

It was sort of “The Island” of it’s year.

BTW, I hate people from the future who are “into” the 1900s. Who wants to see a movie about LARPers from the next century?

Man, why the hate for Will Smith?

I don’t hate Wil Smith(think he’s a pretty good actor), I just pretty much have disliked all his action flicks. He’s like the black Nick Cage. Hollywood keeps trying to make him into an action star but it just doesn’t work for me at least.

I couldn’t have phrased that better myself, though Smith is a much easier sell in something like I, Robot than Cage is in, say, Gone in Sixty Seconds.

I dunno I really love all of Will’s action titles. Bad boys ect ect. I think he does a fine job.

I blame Wild Wild West

Oh jesus christ thanks for bringing that up. I had almost blocked that out of my mind :( That was such a horrible movie. Does anyone remember off hand the movie that he played a gay black dude in? I remember reading something about denzel telling him not to take that role or something but he did anyways.

Six Degrees Of Separation, which isn’t a bad little movie.

It was a good film. It’s fun watching Donald Sutherland and Stockard Channing play clueless post-modern Nouveau Riche fatcats. And hey, any film that Will Smith gets buttfucked in is fine with me!

I decided to break down and watch I Robot in it entirety. I didn’t think the movie was an abomination of Isaac Asimov’s I Robot. I could imagine the over all story could of fit in the short stories in the book. I also liked when the bot Sonny was on screen. However all the motivations of all the characters were completely wacked and it made watching it a frustrating experience. Especially Wil Smith’s character.

It grossed close to $145million just in the US. It’s no where close to “The Island”.

The only really issue with the movie was the choice of the title. Many Asimov fans didn’t like that the movie really wasn’t a true adaptation of the book and didn’t want newcomers to get the wrong idea about the author.

Oh jesus christ thanks for bringing that up. I had almost blocked that out of my mind :( That was such a horrible movie. Does anyone remember off hand the movie that he played a gay black dude in? I remember reading something about denzel telling him not to take that role or something but he did anyways.[/quote]

Hee hee, didn’t Barry Sonnenfeld, the director, say he wanted a giant mechanical spider because spiders are like the scariest thing ever to him? So, he got whichever of the four writers of that abomination to put the giant spider in. And of course, the best part is seeing the spider in the trailer, then suffering through the first hour of the film where the characters go WOW LOOK AT THIS GIANT DEPRESSION WHAT THE HELL COULD DO THAT because I guess we weren’t supposed to know about the giant mechanical spider. Not that it ultimately mattered, I gave up right about the time it showed Smith bathing and about to have sex with a girl in the town’s water supply. WTG MARSHALL WEST, HOW ABOUT A NICE BIG DUMP AFTER YOU’RE DONE?

Not until Nicholas Cage picks up a catch phrase and starts ending his shitty action movies with a shitty song tie-in. Maybe he could do some sort of Schoolhouse Rock thing about the Founding Fathers in National Treasure 2.

I remember hearing an interview on Howard Stern with Kevin Smith where he said that he was offered a writing job for Wild Wild West, but one of the producers had just seen a presentation on spiders at his kid’s school and wanted one included in the movie. Sonnenfeld was also a producer for that movie, so it might have been him.

I remember reading somewhere where Cage said he was “done with comedies”, which is why we started seeing the non-stop run of action/suspense movies starting around, oh, 8mm and The Rock.

I think Will Smith CAN be a good actor, but he hams it up too much. All too often he’s Will Smith playing Will Smith (then gain, even De Niro is a parody of himself these days) – cf. Bad Boys, Men in Black, Hitch, Shark Tale, Independence Day, etc.

But he CAN be good – look at Ali and Where the Day Takes You.

I just wish he’d stop with the obligatory rap music video tie-in with every movie, especially given that his raps suck.

Where the Day Takes You was a really good movie with Lara Flynn Boyle, Dermot Mulroney, Will Smith, Sean Astin, Laura San Giacomo, Alyssa Milano, Kyle MacLachlan, and NANCY MCKEON!! At least, I think the movie was good, I just remember watching it during my impressionable youth and going “Whoa, that was pretty good for a movie no one has heard of”