I saw I Saw the TV Glow

Actually, we saw I Saw the TV Glow earlier this week followed by a Q&A with lead actor Brigette Lundy-Paine. Director Jane Schoenbrun was supposed to be there but got sick and couldn’t attend. Booooo.

It felt a lot like Schoenbrun’s first feature We’re All Going to the World’s Fair but with more story and an A24 budget. It’s all moody tone and a killer soundtrack but challenging and provocative and possibly narratively unsatisfying.

Various moves have been lifted from David Lynch, my favorite being the inspiration taken from the Roadhouse in Twin Peaks where you just get a couple minutes of concert footage to enjoy in the middle of your movie/show. (Yeah, Phoebe!!)

The general verdict around the house has been what my younger daughter said… she felt it was a thumbs down or thumbs sideways while watching, but a bit more thumbs up having sat with it for a few days. It certainly lingers in the mind. She also referred to a great quote I hadn’t heard before… “Great art disturbs the comfortable and comforts the disturbed.”

I wish I’d gone in completely unaware of what it was… having read a synopsis beforehand colored my experience watching it and that felt limiting. I thought it was more open to personal interpretation.

By the way, Jane’s recent picks in the Criterion Closet were impeccable, and I like it when guests express genuine gratitude for being there. (I love the film pitch at the start. That movie needs to get made! LOL)

I also love Jane’s confession about moving away from and then back to Wes Anderson over a decade… I did the same thing with Spielberg at that age.

Oh man, I hated this so much.

I kinda want to see this based on the glowing reviews, but the fact that it’s Schoenbrun makes me want to run far away.

"glow"ing reviews. Hee.

Yeah… remember there were people who raved about World’s Fair, too. I will definitely not be catching this one in theaters. If I get enough assurances that this is not that, maybe I will watch it on streaming or something. But it kinda sounds like it’s not far afield.

I’m supposed to go to this tonight. I’m interested, but skeptical. World’s Fair was a little too underwritten and thin on character for me, but there was enough there that I’m interested to see the next thing.

Yeah, that’s exactly how I felt. You can’t deny there’s a strong directorial voice which goes a long way for me. There were more than enough great scenes and moments in this new film to offset whatever hesitations I felt about it as a whole.

About the soundtrack.

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— Alan