I speel my dreenk, or moments in bad voice acting

Ever play Deus Ex? I thought it was an enjoyable game, with a decent storyline, though it gave me very little freedom to do what I wanted.

Looking it up on Youtube, I found this little gem:

The voice acting is definitely worse than I remember.

Deus Ex’s worst moment by far was the “A BOMB”! discovery, and SS2 equally ridiculous moments as well.

“Thanks fer gettin’ me in!” said the “Australian” brunette in the club.

Then there was the authentic gangspeak: “Hol’ up, bro! You on Rooks territory now!”

The Hong Kong accents were also delicious, particularly those of the Ruminous Pass and the merchants. Yum sing!

EDIT: I’d also like to highlight the terrible French accents. My favorite was the little kid in the bunker: “Zey are goeeng to keel her!”

The entire Gothic series.

Seriously, that shit made me stop playing.

What really cracked me up about the Hong Kong accents in Deus Ex was that they were voiced by the exact same people who did the voice for the Parisians. In fact, a bunch of them just sounded like terrible French accents with the l’s replaced with r’s.

The worst voice over in the game, that I remember, was the mechanic dude you find onboard the ship in the military base.

Monseiur, vood you rike an apeleeteef vis zat bowr of flied lice? C’est dereecious!

I recently played KotOR for the first time, and while the voice acting might not have been bad, it employed the weird concept that if a person spoke in a British accent, he or she was either evil or arrogant.

Don’t know whether it’s plain bad character depiction on Bioware’s part, or that they have something against British people.

Unfortunately, other games have taken this up, too, oftentimes using the “wickedness proportional to snootiness in tone”.

It’s not just a game thing. It’s a pretty standard movie convention as well.

I think the movie convention is that if someone is speaking in a foreign language (like Germans talking to Germans, for example), but the audience is hearing them converse in English, then the actors speak in a British accent.

I’ve never heard of a movie convention where they speak in a British accent when they’re evil.

“It’s a baaaad business.”

We all know that in every movie, game, or what have you, that the butler is always the one behind it. And, again, as we all know, butlers invariably speak in a British accent. THEREFORE, any character who speaks with a British accent must, as the inexorable progress of our incontrovertible logic shows, be both evil and a butler.


Dude, that’s like practically Star Wars canon. All the Imperial officers always had British accents. There’s no way you can blame Bioware for sticking to the conventions established by Lucas.

Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter 2 (PC). One of the kill confirmations has a team member say “Way to go Captain” in a clearly sarcastic voice. It sounded an awful lot like he’d had a lovers quarrel with the good captain the night before.


krise madsen

Hahaha. I have more than one friend who will to this day randomly burst into a room and yell “I SPEEL MY DRINK!”, horrible accent and all. That shit is hilarious.

Actually, now that I think about it, wasn’t a lot of the Deus Ex voice talent handled in-house by Ion employees? I know Tom Hall did Walton Simons.

Hah. Someone made a YTMND of it: http://ispeeeelmydreeenk.ytmnd.com/

You make a big mistake humboy.

You are pooshing your ruck.

And the best: HORRIBLU!

Empire Strikes Back director Irvin Kershner simply said " I wanted all the bad guys to sound British".

Oh, here I found two sites mentioning the general British = evil theme:



I’m surprised there are people who never noticed this before.

Did they have to use it for Bastilla, then?

I assume there were other instances of bad, British people than just Sith in the game, but Bastilla’s archetypal British-ness was just aggrevating.

Nevertheless nice to know that it’s a convention on the part of the Imperial officers.

Are you (Or anyone else going “Huh?”) British?

If not, I assure you, it’s a common thing Brit people say about Hollywood films. In fact, I’d say it’s one of the top-five boring over-done conversations brit people have about films. There’s many great brit actors who occasionally camp up a villain for a nice big cheque.


It’s not just in movies.
I’ve lived in England and everybody speaking in that posh british dialect, you all just call British were evil!

You should see Kieron twirling his moustache!

I have actually never met KG, and don’t know how he speaks. I just wanted to point out that British English has numerous dialects and it’s just those coming close to Received Pronounciation that gets picked upon (Scouse is British too, but you don’t hear many Liverpudlian villains in Hollywood movies).
Perhaps it’s a belated ‘fuck you’ to your upper class British opressors from before the revolution?