I survived Black Friday!

Sixteen hours of work. A day that started at 3am and ended at 7pm. More revenue in a single day than the entire month of April. Special deals that took up half our warehouse and were still sold out within the first hour.

So how’d your Black Friday go? Any good stories from either side of the trenches, either working or shopping? Any good fights or comical arguments over $29 DVD players?

For about $160 at Staples, $100 when the rebates are cashed : 200 GB hard drive, 512 MB Mp3 player, 16x DVD burner and a shredder.

Didn’t do anywhere else. Had a nose in EBGames to pick up two copies of WoW at $25 or whatever they had it at, but they only had one in, so I didn’t bother.

I slept in, warm and cozy.

My stores Friday was the opposite of yours. Worked rom 630am-930pm…did more business last Saturday. They hired about 20 extra temps to cover the sales floor, all of which were released at 9am. Think the store only did 450,000 (they were expecting 1mil +). Pretty sad, glad my bonus is not based off of their sales.

Which stores do you guys work at?

Supposedly there was a soft start to the shopping season this year.

So they “must buy now comsumer!” societal ad campaign isn’t working this year…

I hid, away from the insanity. I woudl rather pay non-discount prices than deal with crowds. I am a hermit in the making.

I blame 360 shortages!



I bought Call of Duty 2 for $25 at Best Buy. The parking lot was full but for some reason there was no line.

My wife convinced her sisters to do all their shopping online the night before, and they were done by 12:30am. They spent Black Friday sleeping in and goofing off, grudgingly admitting online shopping was much easier.

I didn’t go out much, but this morning in church our priest told an interesting/sad story. He went to Wal-Mart at 5 a.m. on Friday in search of some children’s bicycles they were advertising for $20. He wanted to buy them for a children’s toy drive the parish was participating in. He found two, put them in his cart, and headed towards the checkout line. On the way he turned his back on the cart for just one second, and when he turned back some woman was taking the bikes out of his cart for herself. When he protested she just looked him in the face and said “They’re not yours until you pay for them.”

Too bad he wasn’t wearing his collar.

Too bad he didn’t punch her in the face.

He wouldn’t need to. Priests learn the side suto as part of their training.

Walked into Orchard Supply to pick up a replacement for a broken toilet flush handle. Walked out with the replacement handle and a new dishwasher ;-)