I swear on my penis this is a legal, legitimate request

Sorry the subject of this thread isn’t in the title, but let me explain.

I SWEAR THIS IS TRUE this is not like my old Gothic1 post, the one I made with shifty eyes and smacking lips.

My first job in organ/tissue donation was as a flunky tech in distribution at our local OPO (Organ Procurement Organization). They had partnered with LifeNet, big heap OPO/Tissue Bank based out of Vagina Beach, VA. 'Twas easier, you see, to hack up the tish donors in big chunks and mail those chunks FedEx to the ghouls in Virginia to fine-process each individual hunk of bone, tendon, heart valve, whatever. Then, we order whatever we need back from their larger inventory, see? Anyway, I was hired shortly after this partnership began, and my work PC was bought by LifeNet and then given to Nevada Donor Network for me to manage their shit on.

Anyhoo, fast forward a few years, I’ve moved onto procuring organs and pretending to be important, and I’m tired of that shit. Luckily, this other dude who handles/sells a special line of LifeNet tissue (spinal disc replacements that are made of actual human bone, so they don’t come with all the crazy side fx of artificial discs since the body will first try to eject foreign matter, and failing that it will simply wall it off, which is a bummer in the spine), he gets an offer from LifeNet (after the agreement they had with NDN dissolves) to set up shop as their Vegas distributor. Fine, he says, except he doesn’t know any damned thing about tissue distribution. I get hired with a silly pay raise, and here I am.

NDN passed the PC LifeNet bought for me to use, to my boss, who gave it back to me. Except, it was part of NDN’s network (although it’s an XP, not NT, rig) and the only access I can get is some cheesy non-admin account. So, I called up the Head Administrator, and all the passwords she thought could possibly be the admin PWs were wrong. They’ve long changed their PWs, so she’s at a loss, and I can’t install a goddamned thing on this faggot work PC that I’m trying to use as a wanna-be network server.

So, I need to recover/hack/erase/reset that admin PW to use this fucker. It’s right here next to me, I don’t need no crazy 1337 h4x0rbutts3x0rz doowhanger, just some fucking trick or boot disk thang to get this job done. I can’t just nuke the site from orbit either, as I have no system disks. I’ve googled but failed in everything I’ve tried thus far, and I ain’t spending no money on this gig, thanks. I only need to do it once, for this one PC’s admin account, that’s it. LifeNet’s Hairy Eyeball Crew is coming April 12th, and I have to have this motherfucker up and running; managing the inventory from home was groovy in our salad days, but it’s time to wear the big drawers.

Any suggestions/links/tips/etc.?

Winternal Emergency Rescue Disk. It costs, but you can aquire it where you got Gothic if you need to. I don’t think it’s pricey though. It’s a bootable CD, and it will let you reset whatever passwords you need to.

try this:


Heh. Thanks a ton anyway, but I literally just tried this, and it failed. It said the PW was too tough for it.

Hope this helps. http://hacks.oreilly.com/pub/h/1511

If not, found some good software links on Google

You can’t track down the former ower/admin idiot and ask him for the PW nicely?

Is the PC part of a domain?

Find and download a copy of Hiren’s Boot CD. Go to the Password tools menu, and pick your poison. I’ve, y’know, heard, Active Password Changer has been used to good effect.

Yeah. You know what, I think that might be the problem. I might have the right password (but I’m not sure, she gave me a handful of potentials), but it can’t log me onto the domain, since it’s no longer connected to it (I assume). So, I’m stuck with this other domain, which I’m pretty sure was set up for the handoff to the company I now work for, which isn’t an admin account, and may not have one.

I’d take it back to my old work, except:

  1. The guy who set it up is a part-time SysAdmin guy, who isn’t easy to get ahold of (although I might call the head office admin, as she and I are cool, as I said, and see if she’ll call him and give him the okay to tell me how to fix this, but that could literally take weeks). I’ll probably get the ball rolling on this anyway, just to be safe.

  2. The Executive Director of my old job is kind of a choad. He’d probably demand the PC be returned, even though his company didn’t buy it (he’s like that), or bust my balls citing “potential security breach” or something, he likes to talk like his office is a miltary op or something.

The Boot Menu/F8 is also PW-protected :( Would any of these tools help crack that PW?

If not, found some good software links on Google

I’ve used/looked at almost all of them already (I did the same search string).

I guess the problem might not be a bad PW, but a wrong PW/domain combo on login, that I can’t fix without trudging down to my old office and physically connecting it (which may not even be possible anymore, since this PC left the network years ago).

Fuck. Anyway, to sum up:

I can’t or don’t know how to get the PC to boot up from CD-ROM and any of these CD image-based utilities, since the F8 Boot Menu/BIOS is PW-protected itself.

I can get it to boot from 3.5 floppy, though. I tried that with pnordahl’s program, but the PW was too 1337 for it.

I’m not 100% sure the PW is wrong anyway, because of the domain mismatch. I don’t know WTF to do about that. I’m essentially stuck in a Mobius Loop of security/logistical issues and I feel like throwing myself through a lattice of piano wire.

Password-protected BIOS is generally fixed by resetting the BIOS. There’s normally a jumper that you can flip that will wipe the BIOS. Check the motherboard owner’s manual… which you can find online once you identify the motherboard from either text you see at the POST screen or text you read off the motherboard itself.

Well, on the bright side you’re a doctor, so, like you could fix that up if you did it. :P

Er…“wipe” the BIOS? What happens after I do that?

Nothing horrible, it’ll just reset the bios password and return to default settings.

All of the settings reset to the defaults, including the password. You’ll then be able to set your own boot order (CD, then HDD).

BTW: As a former sysadmin, just call the guy already. Tell him exactly what you’re about to do, see if he’s forthcoming.

I had a laptop that I sent out to a user’s house come back completely reformatted. Her “computer-savvy little brother” had reformatted the fucking thing because his sister’s account didn’t have admin rights. I have no idea why he did it, maybe he wanted to fuck with the network settings or something. Point is, all the standard sysadmin utilities and information (like our WEP key) I deposit on a fresh computer was gone. The guy was in his late 20s too, I’d almost understand if it was a high school kid fucking with me.

PS - I was sysadmin for a 10-person shop. I didn’t have iron-fist policies like locking the BIOS. The girl knew my cell #, her brother could’ve called if anyone cared to ask me.

I did call the guy, and emailed him. As I said, he’s hard to get ahold of, and he’s not the current SysAdmin for my old job. I just spoke with the Head Administrator, she suggested some things (that all failed), but said she’d give the ok if the former SysAdmin was reticent to help me out.

I dunno. I’m gonna crack the case and flip off the biojumper, or whatever. I’ll remember to zap myself on some detached piece of metal prior to touching it, so I don’t fry it with ESS. Or should I use a leedle screwdriver or something?

Remove the outer case.
Plug the power cord back in
touch the bare metal of the chassis

congrats, you’ve just been grounded!

Easiest way to pull a a jumper connector is with needle noise pliers. comes straight out, no need to wish you had longer fingernails.

Heh, it’s satisfying to hear a doctor waffle around about digging into a computer. Reminds me of watching a knee surgery video my uncle left around. “Jesus, how big is that drill? Why are they hitting that with a friggin’ hammer?!?”

Computers aren’t nearly as delicate as you might believe. Just don’t scoot across the carpet before reaching in, and you should be fine. The jumper is usually either next to the various case jumpers (lots of little colored wires that run the power button, HDD LED, etc.) or in the center of the mobo, should have CMOS printed next to it. It will likely be un-jumped (just on one of the posts) so jump it, boot, shut down, then un-jump it again.

For setting the password, I recommend BartPE.



I’ve used the pnordahl utility several times and I’ve found it works best when you use * to erase the administrator password rather than reset it to something you know. If you erase it, when the PC boots up, make sure the domain field has the computer name, put in administrator for the login name and leave the password field blank.