I think I'm getting hungry!




Oh man… went to the Visit a Farm link because, well, I’m at work, so what else am I going to do?

They make special note of how cute and smart the pigs are. I don’t think it’s wise to be telling kids that the cute little pork product that is smart enough to fetch your paper will be made into bacon and sausage for your morning breakfast.

And showing all the baby pigs was a smart move too.

At some of our finer Bar-B-Que restaurants in AL, there are pictures of little happy pigs on some menus. One even has a pig in a chef’s hat with a giant butcher knife in his hand and a butcher block in front of him. All that is missing is a bloody, headless torso.

Look how cute the baby pigs are on our giant factory farm! Want to come back tomorrow to help cut their tails off so they don’t bite it off in their life-long close confinement? Watch out for that overflow from the manure pond! I’d suggest we head down to the river for a swim after our day on the “farm,” but bacteria levels are a little high right now. Kids, can you say, “environmental damage?” Aren’t you glad that Flash doesn’t have a Smell-o-vision plugin?

I love those super-tight shots of the kids in the hog buildings - we don’t want the visitors seeing any of the background stuff:

This week I noticed a package microwavable pork rinds on the shelf next to the popcorn at Walmart. I was tempted, but pork rinds really don’t hold any appeal.