I think Winter finally goooot... h... WHAM!

That was such a laugh out loud moment.

I think the word you’re looking for is “t-shirt,” actually.

Fuck the cold. California ftw.

Bleh. I could never live in CA. I’m glad you guys like it…more power to you, but without seasons, I would go mad.

Yeah. Who says we aren’t gracious and helpful around here?

That’s more of a Southern California thing, and yes, it can be annoying. NoCal has seasons, but most of the population centers still don’t get snow, which is the important thing. Snow is only fun if you don’t have anywhere you need to be.

I am visiting a friend in North Nevada right now, and to get here I drove from Sacramento, through Lake Tahoe, then down the other side of the Sierra Nevadas. There was almost zero snow in and around Tahoe. Normally this time of year you have to be concerned about tire chains, but this year jack shit. There were even obvious patches of bare ground on the CA side of Tahoe, which normally is so snowed over that there are four to five foot burms of plowed snow on the side of the roads for four months.

Yay ffor no snow chains required, but boo for so little snow. :(

Okay, I will…


Tomorrow’s HIGH is forecast to be -4 in the Minneapolis area. My plan for the day is to stare blankly at the gas meter as it spins wildly, while my 35 year-old boiler tries to keep my large, drafty house above 65 degrees.

California FTW for sure.

It’s currently -5F here, and the sun is shining. It’s calling to me…“come on out! The weather’s fine! Wear a bathing suit!” I look down the rows of houses and I see the glaring warning of all my neighbors, snowy statues of frozen people in bathing suits…