I think you might like these old video game ads

I like how they think 1995 is old.

Well it’s kind of old. Nomad, Virtual Boy, etc.

I liked the post about how these are from back when developers spent their time on gameplay and now it’s all graphics blah blah blah, when I distinctly remember people saying the same thing when the games advertised came out (particularly the PS1 stuff).

People say that every time video game graphics improve, which is like always. The funniest part is that the first post is a guy going “Holy crap, were cartridges really that expensive O_o or is half of this ad Canadian?” when the very first fucking picture clearly shows that it’s a Canadian ad. The second one even says “Canada’s Biggest Toy Store”. This kid will grow up to be a detective for sure.

Well some people who were 16 in 1995 probably now have kids who ask them ‘Did they have computers when you were young, Daddy?’

Seing has how video games are really only about 35 years old. 1995 is kinda old.

Why does the “R” Treat Box come with a sample of Pert? I can’t remember because it was soooo loooong agooo, but did kids “dig” conditioning their hair back then?

Can anyone find any of the old adds for FF6/Chrono Trigger from 94-96? I remember loving them as a teen, and I have wanted one as a desktop since forever, but have had no luck so far.

Maybe they figure the parent will take it and try it?

Note how the Virtual Boy-playing youth’s eyes have permanently dried out due to prolonged exposure to the “high-resolution 3D images.” I admire Canada for its truth in advertising.

Quake 3 had a great print ad that showed a basement room with a thoroughly battered PC sitting on a bench, a toilet built in place of a seat and various feeding tubes hanging down filled with water, vitamins etc along with empty frozen dinner trays scattered around the floor. I’ll see if I can dig it out.

As a long time Pert user, I feel compelled to point out that Pert is a Shampoo + Conditioner.

I always thought that was Pert Plus.

I love the giant genesis cartridge sticking out the back of the nomad. That rocks.