I Think You Should Leave - sketch comedy

So this came to Netflix recently and I gulped it down like fish piss. Really funny. It feels a lot like a spiritual successor to Mr. Show. Just 6 episodes around 17 minutes each. I WANT MORE!

I watched the first episode the other day after I finished Bondage. I normally hate this kind of comedy, but watching Stephen Yuen get more and more sad just cracked me up for some reason. Also the fart hole. I fully intend to keep watching.

There already is a spiritual successor to Mr Show on Netflix.

Anyway, I’ve been meaning to give this a watch for a while, as Netflix really seems to think I’ll like it, I like sketch comedy and other than going through my The State box set, I don’t really have any to watch right now. But this is the first buzz I’ve heard about it, so it’s been relatively low on my queue.

I write off all sketch comedy unless someone recommends it. By nature, sketches are hit-or-miss. The downside is that I don’t think they’re all funny. The upside is that I’m usually only waiting a couple of minutes for a new one.

This one is pretty good. I wish they would put Baby of the Year from the first episode up on YouTube. I was tearing up from laughing.

“Fucking die, Harvey Jarvis!”

Yeah this is good stuff. Very Adult Swim type of thing that’s just messed up. I love all the cameos too. Just thinking of Baby of the Year and Stephen Yuen and his mud pie is cracking me up.

Like TIm and Eric, this only landed about 10% of the time, but those few skits I liked, I really liked. And I suspect some of them would get funnier over time if I was watching them with friends, also as some Tim and Eric stuff did.

And this was short enough I didn’t mind going through the whole season quickly, even when the skits weren’t landing for me.

If you like things that are good, this will please you.