I thought this was funny

Tim Schafer opens his Joystiq interview with:

My name is Tim … S-C-H-A-F-E-R. [points to my notepad] That’s correct.

Do people get that wrong a lot?

They never get it right.

Does it annoy you?

No, I just like to fight for my particular spelling. For no reason it’s completely arbitrary but for some reason it’s enjoyable to fight for the specific spelling that I randomly have.

So, I ran a search for: tim * -schafer brutal legend and there are a ton of misspellings in blogs, Gamepro, etc.

As I recall, when G4 did an Icons on him back when the channel first started, they misspelled it as “Schaefer” through the entire episode.

Oh man, I miss Icons*. That show was great. Are reruns ever shown?

*the gaming-related episodes