I told you so! You're getting both Fire Emblems and Warios!

Just a small note for those that were worried, both the GBA Fire Emblem and the Gamecube Fire Emblem are coming next year, tentatively around late spring and so are both Made In Wario titles, with Mawaru Made in Wario being renamed Wario Ware Twisted and scheduled for a March 21st release. Says so on Nintendo’s new press release.

I hope Nintendo takes this new liberal translation idea to heart and releases The Tower SP (GBA remake edition of the old mainstay SimTower), Tiny Aliens (use breeded aliens that look like Chao in a variety of puzzle games) and Thousand Year Family (family life simulation).

Also in the news, Nippon Ichi announced a sequel to Phantom Brave that will have PB’s more liberal gameplay and Disgaea’s humor and err, more “evil” atmosphere. Called Phantom Kingdom, wait till you hear what the twist is this time… :P

Also, wash your horsey clean:


Let me be the first to say yay and I loves me some Japanese developers.

Note to self: Purchase Gamecube prior to Summer 2005.

Oh geez, a Gamecube Fire Emblem for North America and a Phantom Brave sequel? That’s fantastic news!

Nice. Bring on the Fire Emblem!

Teeeeelllll meeeeeee…

The nippon ichi news is the best news I’ve heard this week.

That company is golden. They are guaranteed my money.

No pasting of magazine scans!


Would anyone have been offended if in my post I had said, “I loves me some Japs”?

Teeeeelllll meeeeeee…[/quote]

You can now build structures and upgrade buildings, even in battle maps (there’s a main fort that starts out as a hut and presumably gets all decked out throughout the game Suikoden/Dark Cloud style). The battle map structures give all sorts of different battle conditions, and people who go in them can get into a brawl and fit inside them, so there’s an inside and outside battle going on at the same time. :P

The game also guess stars Angela Lansbury as a mystery-solving hippopotamus with a bad case of the burps!

Would anyone have been offended if in my post I had said, “I loves me some Japs”?

Someone was offended by your first comment??? Why ask this?

With all the insane mythical stories that get passed around about my home, Jap is really mild compared to some of that. Its never gotten much of a reaction out of me. Especially since I know most people are using as an abbreviation.

BTW, Tyjenks, when you get your Gamecube you should definitely check out Baten Kaitos!


ps2.ign.com has some screenshots for Phantom Kingdom up, if people like that sort of thing :)
Phantom Kingdom

And Game & Watch has some more screenshots:

Prinnies are back! Dude!
I love the artwork of the guy who does Nippon Ichi’s stuff

No, no one was offended, I just thought “I love me some Japs”, sounded funny and then that damn political correctness gene that so many of us seem to have grown kicked in. Then, today, I wondered if Jap or Nip or gouk or slant-eyed yella (I think that one, I made up) was still offensive to anyone since those terms are not all the rage anymore like nigga’ still is.

The article on IGN specifically states that the game is not a sequel to Phantom Brave. Who’s wrong, IGN or Kitsune?

This is a rhetorical question, right?


I’m finally going to be playing Phantom Brave as of one point five months from now, and I’m looking forward to it a great deal.

I wish I hadn’t heard of the awesome stuff about Phantom Kingdom though.